Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Top 5 Polishes of 2012, Lots of Pics :3

Hi everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful, amazing, fantastic, and polish-filled holiday season! Because I sure did hahaha, I ended up with a LOT more polish than I expected :P Anyway, I haven't talked to you guys in so long, missed you guys! :3

Happy New Year! :-***

Honestly, you guys mean sooo much to me, like a friend who will always listen to my rambling and accept my "freak" habit of collecting nail polishes. Hahaha, so the real topic today is to show you my favorites from 2012! I was originally going to pick out 12, but I realized too many of them were unswatched and I honestly don't have that much time to swatch them so I narrowed down to 5! Hope you enjoy (:

#1 Polish of 2012: Lavender Fizz by Milani

This polish is the SPARKLIEST polish I own, REALLY! Like every time I do something, my nails always catch my eye first hahaha, love purple, love glitter, purple+glitter= #1!

#2 Polish of 2012: Flirty Tankini by China Glaze

Beaaaauuutiful neon coral shade from the China Glaze neon summer collection, it's really flattering on my skin tone. Most pinks are extreeeemely ugly on me... I guess my skintone just doesn't work well with pinks! But the orange coral touch in this polish really matches my warmer skintone YAY (: The shimmer in it is sooo gorgeous and makes it very wearable, unlike flat neons! I wore this on my toes TWICE. Seriously, it has to be one kick-ass polish if I wear it TWICE.

#3 Polish of 2012: Sugar Coat by Wet n Wild Megalast

I have to apologize... I don't have a color accurate picture for this polish and its beauty. I have a post about it here, and even made a nail art design here.
 This is just a really light soft lavender based baby pink. Perfect palette cleanser for me! Gives me an effortless yet very polished look, really love this!

#4 Polish of 2012: Cinderella by Sinful Colors

This is the base color that I used for like... 50% of my nail art? Hahaha and my bottle's half gone, so that's how much I love it! I have a full review of it (from my earlier days, so pics aren't watermarked, oops!) here, and I even did a VERY EMBARASSING gradient of it here... pains me to even mention it hahaha :P

#5 Polish of 2012: Rare and Radiant by China Glaze (and all the other Chanel Peridot dupes)

This was actually really hard, as you all know, I picked up two colors from the Bohemian collection, and I really love both of them! Hard to choose because they're both amazing colors, but golds tend to be a bit more flattering on me, so I chose this one. Application, finish, duochrome, this polish is GORGEOUS!

Okay, that concludes my favorites of the year! I hope you all had an amazing New Year's Eve, and best wishes to all of us in the coming year! I love you alllll :-***


  1. Love Lavender Fizz and Rare & Radiant! Great job in 2012 and all the best in 2013!

  2. Love flirty tankini, I don't have that one, but it looks really rich on you! Happy New Year!

  3. the nude color is so nice! sugarcoat!


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