Saturday, January 26, 2013

Revlon Facets of Fuchsia and Ulta Fashionably Late Swatches and Review

Hi my dears! Last week was finals week, so sorry for neglecting this blog! But now, I'm done! Wow, it feels wonderful to finish my last final, or at least the last one that REALLY matters for college hahaha.
Anyway, today's post will be of 2 polishes of the same kind. Dark jelly with colored glitter. I believe they are both dupes of some Deborah Lippmans but I dont own any, so I can't compare ):
 Here are the pictures!
Collage, just for fun :P
First, we have: Revlon Facets of Fuchsia, a polish that has undoubtedly made itself famous haha
2 coats of Revlon Facets of Fuchsia with 2 coats of Topcoat, taken from my phone because my camera refuses to capture the pink undertone of the glitter...

Index and Middle finger are 2 coats, ring and pinky are 1.

These are the pics from my camera... See how purple the glitter looks? It's actually much more pink.

And I thought this was artistic feeling, so here you go :D
 This polish has been one of my top favorite vampy colors because it's dark, yet it's so fabulous! The formula on this one is quite bad... It's very thick, and thus very lumpy and hard to apply. Maybe a bit of thinner could help. Another note, it is quite a lumpy glitter, so that means its a topcoat eater! Anyway, I really like the color, so I would willingly go through the application pain :P

Next is: Ulta Fashionably Late, a polish that I picked up during their 5 for $5 Holiday sale! Such a steal :3
2 Coats of Fashionably Late with 2 coats of Topcoat.

Taken from my phone, but the red glitter is more vibrant, just like how the first picture is.
 The formula on this one... well.. I said Facets of Fuchsia was bad right? Well this one is worse... It's thicker than FoF, and it also picks up more glitter, so the polish is hard to even out and distribute. After the second coat, you kind of have to patch in polish in some places. Again, gorgeous color, so maybe thinner will make me love it more.

Bottle shot. Ugh, it bothers me when FoF's gorgeous fuchsia glitter looks such a bland purple!!!
Anyway, aside from being angry at my camera and my phone's color detecting skills, I'm in quite a good mood today! And I hope you guys have an amazing weekend too! <3 p="">

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