Wednesday, November 28, 2012

OPI DS Polishes, Swatches and Review; Giveaway Prize from Jenni (:

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts, I was away for Thanksgiving (: How were your Thanksgivings? I actually didn't have a turkey this year hahaha, bizarre!
Anyway, I recently received my giveaway prizes from Jenni (: Thanks Jenni, I'm such a luck gal :D
So, I have two OPI polishes from the DS series to show you! And I'm going to apologize beforehand if some pics aren't the best quality, somehow, my camera doesn't like to pick up the blue-purple duochrome, so I had to use my phone ):

Look at the cute packaging it came in and how nicely its wrapped! :D

2 coats of OPI DS Magic
This is a little bit streaky on the first coat, but it evens out perfectly by the second.

I love the rich blue and the flecks of shimmer that changes from blue to purple!
This is a little bit closer to the true color, it's definitely not as dark as the previous pictures. Love it :3
 This polish's formula was quite a breeze to work with, its definitely thin but not runny, so it doesn't pool and also has smooth application. The base is such a rich royal blue, it makes me feel so sophisticated when I wear it hahaha. Because of its blue-purple duochrome though, I wanted to pull out some of the similar blue-purple shifting colors to compare:

Index: Color Club Sky High Middle: Sally Hansen HD DVD layerd over black creme Ring: OPI DS Magic Pinky: Sally Hansen HD DVD

 So as you can see, no dupes! I like the look of Sally Hansen HD DVD on top of black, but I really like the royal blue base of OPI DS Magic :P

Okay, next! OPI DS Opulence, a beautiful muted dusty rose holo! :D

One easy coat, very opaque!

Two coats + flash to see holo :3

This is more of what the color looks like most of the time; it's not as pink as it looks above in the flash pics. Hence, I call this my "crazy nude" hahahha.
 To be honest, I thought that I would like DS Magic more than DS Opulence because you know me, I like my brights and funky's! But maaan, the intricate and subtle holo of Opulence is realllyyyyy gorgeous and I do have to say I like it better! The application on Opulence was also more smooth and opaque.

All in all, I'm in loooove with these two shades, and I've worn Opulence for a week already haha. Thank you so much to Jenni! And thanks to you guys for reading and following! I'm at 60 friends already! So excited, you guys are the best (:

Monday, November 26, 2012

Guest Post @ Tuxarina!

Hi everyone! :D Now that I got your attention with the pic, I just wanted to inform you guys that I did a guest post at the lovely Tuxarina today! So please go check her out and follow! Her swatches are TO DIE FORRR!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Poppies. Remebering Those Who Fought For Us.

Hi everyone! Happy Remembrance Day~ Although I've been living in the US for 4 years now, I'm still a Canadian at heart, and I still call this day Remembrance Day. One of the most vivid memories I had was being given a plastic poppy and pinning it to my jacket as we sang "In Flander's Fields". So today, I have a mani that is inspired by that memory and that song/poem's first two lines:
In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,

 It's a bit rushed, but I really wanted to do this mani, so after getting hom at 10:30, I painted my nails and I'm uploading it at 11:30, just on time :P

Sorry, I know a did a bad job blending the blue with the pearl ): Should've sponged it before I freehanded
 And here are the colors I used:

I wanted to do an undies swatch for you guys, but my camera started freaking out when it saw this avalanche of white frost.... Sorry for the blurriness!
1 coat

1 coat with flash :D
So, that's my quick post for today. Thank you guys so much for reading a day that means a lot to me. God bless our soldiers and our veterans.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Milani Nail Lacquer: Lavender Fizz and Pink Flare Glitter Swatches and Review

Hi my sweethearts! Happy No H8 day! I guess I can semi-say that I'm participating because I have a purple glitter for you guys right? :P But anyway, seriously. Bullying, it wasn't something I grew up with, but it was definitely something I had witnessed a lot. Being a girl, I would always see groups of girls accepting some, yet rejecting others, and trashtalking them in the process. Right to their faces. Thats not okay :\ Leaving someone out like that, and especially saying extremely mean things. I'm hoping that people will begin to realize how much it hurts that person, because it really can be devastating, to be rejected by a social group and be the hot topic of gossip and rumors.

So here today, coincidentally, I have a lavender purple glitter, and a light nude/pink glitter from Milani. First, let's talk about Lavender Fizz.

Natural Lighting, 2 Coats

Lavender Fizz is a GORGEOUS  lavender glitter with a bit of fuchsia undertones. Just a bit. It's very opaque, because it has different sizes of glitter, and the small glitter really does fill up a lot of space.

1 Coat, gritty! Top coat eater!
 And oh my oh my... This polish is sooooooo blingy!!! Like, when I wear my rings with this, THIS OUTBLINGS MY RING. Seriously. I can't even begin! Love this polish sooooo much :3 Definitely going to be getting a lot of wear out of this :D

And here's a bottle shot to show how dense the glitter is!
 Now next, Pink Flare, a medium pink with slight nude/orange undertones. These pictures are not very true to color, this polish is a bit less pink in real life :P

3 Coats

This is a bit more true to color. But it's not this nude either hahah, it's like a mix between this picture and the above pictures!
1 Coat.

 I also really enjoy this polish, because YOU GUYS KNOW ABOUT MY LOVE FOR HOLOS :3 Heheheh, on the nails, its not as blingy as Lavender Fizz but it definitely is very sparkly! AND LOOK AT THE HOLO:

Heheheh, all in all, I really love these two polishes!!! Looooove~~~ I know that I will be wearing these quite a bit hehe. The formula was amazing for Lavender Fizz, the brushes are small, but big enough to get a nice curve around the cuticle for perfect application. The consistency was really smooth as well. Pink Flare was a bit on the sheerer side, but I can see it as a layering glitter~
Alright, that's it for today! Stay safe and have a great memorial weekend :-*

Thursday, November 1, 2012

What a Way to Start My November

Hey guys, so, remember the 40% off Drugstore's beauty items? Yup, I took advantage of that and ordered quite a few things. I was soooo excited for my items to arrive then I found out, this happened:

I was originally VERY surprised by the awesome pink shimmer in here and I thought WOW SO PRETTY! Until I started digging through my stuff and I got pink pigment all over my fingers... Then I found this:

My poor blush ): It died during transit... I hope you had a nice life, blush!

So, another picture to show you all the powderyness of my whole box... It was quite a hassle to clean up, but I did it :D
I just want to add that had been very sweet and considerate of this accident, and gave me my refund along with a polite apology. Love it when companies are so sweet :3 But now I'm kind of regretting the refunding of this blush... It looks so gorgeous D: Might have to pick it up again hahahahah.
Alright, that's it for today! Hope my sour mood didn't affect all of you guys! Wish you all a wonderful November :***