Saturday, September 29, 2012

Simple and Subtle Gradient

Hi lovelies~ Long time no talk! First, I just wanna say WOW. 42 FOLLOWERS. You guys are so amazing and are always my motivation :3 Thank you!

Now, my nail of the day, a couple weeks back. Remember I had that beautiful Sky High on my nails? Yep, well I started having a bit of tip wear, so I decided to add a bit of Sinful Colors Nail Junkie and it turned out to be this pretty glitter gradient!

lol, my knee :P

Look at the beautiful pastel glitter in Nail Junkie! LOVE!
Nail Junkie is a deep teal jelly loaded with various sizes of pastel glitter! Iridescent pastel glitter! WHAT CAN BE BETTER? Loooove this mani :3 I'll probably do more swatches of Nail Junkie for you guys soon! Thanks for reading :3

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tokidoki Nail Polish: SANDy Swatches and Review

Hi lovelies :3 Today I have another Tokidoki bar glitter for you guys! And this one is SANDy. Yea, all caps except the y, hahaha. Sandy is the little pink haired girl who's in a cactus suit, and this polish, with the gold and green/blue duochrome bar glitters, does really capture the cactusness! And of course, with a light pink glitter base, it adds all the girlyness :3

These are 3 coats of SANDy, and two coats of topcoat: one coat of OPI, and one coat of Seche Vite.
 These dry down more gritty than Donutella, so you do need 2 thick coats of top coat to smooth it down. I love this polish sooooo much because in normal lighting, it's a fairly standard "neutral", but when light hits it, BAM. glitter explosion heheheheh LOOOVE.

Natural lighting
 I also love that this polish is a bit more sheer than Donutella, which makes it really nice for layering! I can't wait to try it over black!

1 Coat

Formula was great, thinner than Donutella, so a bit easier to work with. Love this polish overall! Get it before Sephora discontinues it ):

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tokidoki Nail Polish: Donutella Swatches and Review

OH MY GOD. okay, so lemme just say that I got these for 4 dollars. 4 DOLLARS. Sephora, they're going on clearance because they're getting rid of the tokidoki collection ): So I went and bought all the colors they had. which is only 3 hhaha.
Anyway, first color is Donutella! Gorgeous red glitter, fuchsia magenta bar glitter, and holo bar glitter suspended in a clear base. In case you guys don't know who Donutella is, shes a little cute character wearing a donut lifesaver with sprinkles! I think the bar glitter really captures the sprinkles well, AND ITS JUST SOOO GLITTERY AND PRETTY OMG.

Look at that adorable heart crossbone! :D

 Each polish in this set also comes with a small set of nail stickers attached to the back:
Okayyyy, enough with the cuteness overload! Now lets get to the swatches :P


Close up of 1 coat! All those silver bars are actually holo, more pics later.
This does dry down to a very gritty finish, on my index, and I used 1 coat of OPI, then a coat of Seche Vite.

Alright, now that you see its true gorgeousness, LEMME BRING ON THE HOLO.

Flash, and I appologize for tip shrinkage lol, SECHE VITE I HATE YOU SOMETIMES.
You see how much I love this polish? Well in case you dont, lemme just tell you right here that I do. Sooo much omg, and my mom loves it too, so we're both wearing this on our nails hahaha. Love! Formula was pretty nice, though the glitter is really gritty so it does tend to get thick and pull if you don't wait between coats. Give it a nice 3-4 minutes, and you should be fine (:

That's it for this time! See you guys all next time :3

Monday, September 17, 2012

Color Club Take Wing Collection: Daisy Does It, Sparkle and Soar

Hi my sweethearts! So today, as promised, I have two other nail polishes from the Take Wing collection, Daisy Does It, a warm golden yellow with iridescent yellow and green shimmer/ duochrome, and Sparkle and Soar, a yellowed orange with golden shimmer.

1 Thick Coat
2 Coats
Personally, I think 2 coats is fine, but if you REALLY don't like bare nail showing, then go for 3. Also, doing thick coats with these are soooo easy, they're not goopy or anything like that, so thicker coats are actually really nice (:

Oops. Do you see the green shimmer?
 Okay, now here's the part where things get interesting:

1 coat of Daisy Does It over a plain black cream.

Blurred to capture sparkle!!!
 OH MY GOSH. DO YOU SEE THAT. omg I got so excited after I layered it, I don't think I'm ever going to wear this by itself again hahaha because it's not that flattering on my skin tone. Over black, the green sparkles really show up and are definitely more prominent. GORGEOUS.

Now, Sparkle and Soar.
1 coat

2 Coats

Again, over black. Just the way I like them :D, index and ring are two coats of Sparkle and Soar

Doesnt the orangey yellow remind you of thanksgiving? :3

Gorgeous polishes. Layered over black. On their own, I'm not too much of a fan, because they don't flatter my skintone. The formula was really nice, REALLY nice, very thin and smooth. Overall, I'm glad I purchased these because they would be sooo amazing for layering!
Hehe, thanks for reading guys! See you next time (:

Monday, September 10, 2012

Color Club Take Wing: Sky High

Hi my sweethearts! Long time no see! School started, and it has kept me very busy... sigh...
But anyway, here I have a swatch of Sky High for you, from Color Club's Take Wing collection. It's a beautiful teal based blue that has gorgeous purple shimmer with almost a glassfleck finish. I also got two others from this collection and I'll swatch it next time :3
This polish was a PAIN to photograph! The purple and teal shimmers just don't wanna show up ): stupid camera... I blame you dslr!!!

I believe this is one thick coat. If you do a thin coat, it can be quite sheer, but one generous coat is fine.
One Coat
Can you see the purple? I tried really hard, but my camera just doesnt like purple I guess... But it is quite visible in real life.

Here's a better look at the teal base, it's really shiny under direct light! Glassflecks are always gorgeous under the sun to :3

Here's a better look at the purple duochrome-ish shimmer! It does show up quite nicely on the nail, along with some subtle teal/green shimmer too.

 Great color, but doesn't suit my skin tone. A bit too... blue. Hahaha, too bright, I could see this working for darker skintones or a cooler skintone! Still, doesn't change the fact that I love this color :3 Formula was great, dries faily quickly, and goes on super smoothly! If you want thin even coats, I would suggest 3, but 2 really is good enough.
Hehehe, that's it for today! Until next time :3

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ants in my Pants

Hi everyone! Hope you guys had a wonderful Labor Day :3 I sure did! Full day of doing nothing hahahah. Anyway, I was flipping through my closet the other day, and I spotted these pair of shorts I made in... 8th grade? Sewing class hahaha. And the print was really inspiring so I did a mani on it!


Kind of a fail though, I made most of them too fat, like snowmen shaped, hahah. And I crammed too many of them onto my index finger ); But nonetheless, I love them!
Here are the polishes used:
Sally Hansen White on, nameless dark pink, Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby, LA Girls Fairytale, Sinful Colors Black
Would you like a simple pictorial perhaps?

Hehehhe, hope you guy like this! Because I LOOOVE IT <3 p="p">

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Icing: Pretty as a Peacock Swatches and Comparisons

Hi my sweethearts :D I have a gorgeous polish to show you guys today! It's Icing's Pretty as a Peacock, lately, I've been pretty impressed with Icing's polishes, definitely going to pick up a few more next time I go earring-shopping! Pretty as a Peacock is a beautiful darkened teal with tons of teal shimmer, blue shimmer, and a bit of purple as well.

2 Coats, this picture captures the blue shimmer really well

1 Coat

2 coats, blurred to see some of the gorgeous purple shimmer at the edges of the nails!

When you first apply this polish, it's a fresh truer teal color, but as you add the second coat, it darkens up. The formula was amazing, smooth, thin. No problems at all here. So, remember the Blue Moon polish I swatched a few days ago? I was afraid that it would be quite similar to that, because in the bottle, the two colors look very similar.

But guess what? NOT ALIKE AT ALL! I love both of them, and I'm looking forward to wearing them during the winter!
Alright, this is it for today, have a fantastic labor day weekend lovelies :*