Sunday, September 29, 2013

Outfits of First Week of School!~

Good afternoon sweethearts! How are your weekends going? I have quite a lot of hw after the first week ); Sad sad, but good thing is, I had fun Friday and Saturday night! Hahahah, so today will be my work day :P
Anyway, I just wanted to take advantage of the full-length mirror we have in our room, so I'll be showing you my outfits of the week!

Day 1:
Really cold so I layered a sequined F21 sweater underneath my Ed Hardy jacket, and paired it with the fluffy Oasap leggings.

Day 2:
Also very cold.... what do you expect from Seattle hahah, but I had dance today so I wore a ruffle tank top. Gotta love my UGGS.

Day 3:
Just a casual inside the dorm outfit. Whenever I walked out, I would carry my pink fluffy blanket with me hahaha. I actually got this top 4-5 years ago, and I still love it :3 Also, no makeup that day.... >.<

Heheh okay, that's the end of my post! Hope you guys are all having a great week/weekend, and feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My First Julep Polishes~ YAY :D

Haiii everyone! Long time no see/talk! I've missed talking to you guys here :P So yea, dorm life is great so far~ My roomie's awesome :3
Anyway, today I'm going to show you guys my first two Julep Polishes! I believe I ordered the Bombshell Box. The shipping was super fast also! Omg, I'm really excited because I love these polishes! :D

Direct light, just to show you how sparkly the glitter is! :D
 So now having seen the swatches, lemme show you the packaging~

 These have a "Swatch Me" on the top so it's very easy to pick out which color you like when you look at the bottles from above. My only concern though is that the stickers seem quite hard to peel off, so how exactly should I "swatch" the top of my cap ._____. The side of the bottles are quite artistic looking too, with the paint being blocked off by black.

Madison is a really unique color, with an amazing formula. At first, I thought it would be very sheer and jelly-like, but surprisingly, no! It dries to a rubbery finish, and it's already pretty opaque by two coats, only with a slight visible nail line.
One Coat

Two Coats
I've been wearing this combo on my nails for a couple days now, and I've been getting so many compliments!
Honestly, I love these polishes AND LET ME TELL YOU. They actually smell good. Not sure if I can describe the smell, but it's fresh and lemony ._. holy, Julep is awesome. Definitely can see myself purchasing future boxes!
Okay that's it for today, bbycakes~ I'll probably update you guys on school/college life some time heheheh.
Love you alll~~~

Monday, September 16, 2013

Casual Weekend Outfit ~

Happy end of Monday guys~ Hahaha I'm so glad I have Mondays off :P I'm moving into my dorm this Friday, and I'm kind of nervous >.< Wish me luck throughout my first week of legit college experience please! :D

Anyway, today I have a casual outfit for you guys~

 Lololol, how fierce is this Chanel Fuck You shirt? xD Not from Chanel of course, can't imagine such a classy brand making something like this. :P

Shirt: Got from China
Sequined Jacket: Forever 21
Galaxy Rose Leggings: Forever 21
Furry Boots: Idk, had them for a while now, prob appeared in lots of other ootds.

And yup, I was snacking on a strawberry popsicle! Real fruit inside ;D I love these hahaha, also the coconut ones :P
Sooooo.... I have school tomorrow again ): And my furniture from California haven't arrived yet, when they said they were supposed to come yesterday >.<
Anyway, I'll stop ranting hahahah, hope you guys are all having a nice week so far (:

Thursday, September 12, 2013

~Geo Grang Grang HC-244 Lenses Review~

 Do you guys notice anything different about the above pictures? No? Let me give you a hint, look into my eyes ;D Hahah, yup I'm only wearing one circle lens vs the first pic where I'm wearing two!! See the big difference it makes?

Heheh, so today I'm going to introduce you to Geo Coloured Lenses! If you guys don't know, Geo is one of the biggest brands of circle lenses out there, and due to its popularity, many cheap markets tend to make fakes of them, so beware. There can be so many risks in wearing fake cheap circle lenses, including redness of the eye, infections, and even worse, growths and sight loss! GEO is a reliable Korean circle lens brand and the only USA FDA approved circle lens brand. Be sure to rinse and soak your lenses daily with fresh solution, and always wash your hands before handling them! After all, our eyes are the windows to our soul, and we wouldn't want to bring any danger to them~

So, after all my concerned-motherly talk, let's get onto the pictures (:
Geo Coloured Lenses has kindly provided me with the GEO GRANG GRANG HC-244 to review. The Grang Grang series is designed to naturally enhance and brighten Asian eyes~

The pattern on these lenses are super pretty! And I cannot emphasize how natural they look. I love how there isn't a harsh limbal ring. These are a great size for me too, because my natural eyes are 14mm, and these give me the slightest enlargement, without it being too dramatic. For design, I would give it a:

These lenses are also super comfortable! I can proudly call these my everyday lenses now, and I regret not getting them in prescription! I think I've also napped in these.... and no drying out or discomfort! So for wear, I would give it a:
If you guys don't know, I wear the nighttime corrective lenses, so if I don't wear them for a night, I would need glasses or contacts the next day. Most of Geo lenses come in prescription, so fear not~ Also,  Geo Coloured Lenses offers Free international Shipping! And to sweeten the deal even more, they also give you a super cute lens case for free as well~ 

So if you want to change up your look, colored contacts are a must~ Feel free to check out  Geo Coloured Lenses~

Thank you guys for reading! Tell me in the comments if you guys have ever worn circle lenses before?


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sweet Feminine Look Featuring Oasap Skirt Review

Hi guys~~~ Are you all having a nice weekend? I'm so glad I have a three-day weekend because I just finished my first college test on Friday, and I think I deserve a break from all that studying :P Anyway, today I felt like dressing up~ Didn't go anywhere really.... only to a nearby lake to feed some ducks. This look is featuring this Sweet Round Skirt in pink from the lovely Oasap~ I was hesitant on the size because I was afraid that a small may be too short on me, but whatevs, I ordered a small anyway xD
Waist:25.2"-33.07"  or   64-84cm
Length:14.96"    or   38cm
Waist:29.13"-36.22"   or   74-92cm
Length:16.54"   or   42cm

Let's get on to the pictures~

I really love how flowy this skirt is. The cut is so perfect! Circle skirts are really flattering in my opinion, and this one is no exception! However, I highly suggest you wear shorts underneath ahaha :P

I. Love. This. Skirt. Really! I find it very versatile, and can pair with lots of different styles of clothing. The thing I like the most is actually the elastic waistband. It's not like other skirts with zippers and stuff, this one is stretchy, meaning that you can wear it high waisted or low! However you choose~ And also, I really love the color! Such a cute powder pink~ The material is very soft and stretchy, very thin, but opaque enough to not see your panties/shorts underneath. I got this skirt for $14.90 Not bad huh! I really love it~ I would give this a:

This skirt also comes in TONS of other colors like wine red, orange, navy, etc. Again, here is where you can find it.
I got this on sale, and Oasap is currently having a massive skirt sale. Don't miss it!

That's it for today babycakes~ Hehehhe love you guys all!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

False Acrylic Nail Art Decals from Born Pretty Store Review

Hi sweetie buns, it's Christine here again with another nail art decoration review and it is the 12 Pc Flower Pattern False Acrylic Design Decals Sticker Tips from Born Pretty Store! It's a gorgeous wheel of various rubbery flower designs, and the 3D look of it is amazing! Let me show you some pictures~

I chose to wear the little bow decal because it's small and delicate. As you can see from the below picture, the decal is very flexible and conforms to the curve of your nails perfectly! How great is that~

One problem I had with this though is that pure nail polish alone wont get it to stay. I didn't bring my glue in my bag of nail stuff, so I tried to use just top coat, but the bow fell off a couple hours later. I think it's due to the slippery surface of the bottom and the rubber material it is made out of. However, I think it might stay better if I tried nail glue. 

So this wheel of decals comes with 12 amazing designs, and each of them is gorgeous!

There are many of the same designs, but with different colors, and I really like that because it gives you a lot more leeway to what base color you can wear. So, despite its non stickyness, I still really love the patterns of a lot of these so I'm going to give these a:
Born Pretty Store also has tons of other nail art supplies too! Whatever you can think of, they have it! I have a 10% off code for my readers here, feel free to use it :D

Good news for nail art fanatics! BPS is currently hosting a Trial Sampler event and you can get Free Goodies just by applying here!  September Monthly Application for Free Samples! 
Hope you guys join in on the fun~

That's it for today, thank you so much for reading!