Monday, September 16, 2013

Casual Weekend Outfit ~

Happy end of Monday guys~ Hahaha I'm so glad I have Mondays off :P I'm moving into my dorm this Friday, and I'm kind of nervous >.< Wish me luck throughout my first week of legit college experience please! :D

Anyway, today I have a casual outfit for you guys~

 Lololol, how fierce is this Chanel Fuck You shirt? xD Not from Chanel of course, can't imagine such a classy brand making something like this. :P

Shirt: Got from China
Sequined Jacket: Forever 21
Galaxy Rose Leggings: Forever 21
Furry Boots: Idk, had them for a while now, prob appeared in lots of other ootds.

And yup, I was snacking on a strawberry popsicle! Real fruit inside ;D I love these hahaha, also the coconut ones :P
Sooooo.... I have school tomorrow again ): And my furniture from California haven't arrived yet, when they said they were supposed to come yesterday >.<
Anyway, I'll stop ranting hahahah, hope you guys are all having a nice week so far (:


  1. Love your leggings, you look amazing, dear. :)


  2. Really cute outfit! I love the t-shirt design and the leggings are so to die for. I don't really think I can pull leggings off but I do love how they feel, cosy! Best of luck moving into your Dorm, I hope it is all hassle free! x

    1. Aww hehehe thank you <3 Yea, I used to shy away from patterned leggings too, but they are suuuper comfy :P And thank you so much~

  3. Love the leggings!
    So how was the first day of legit college? :D


    1. Thank you! Class didn't start yet, it's next week~

  4. Love the leggins! Hah, you're T-shirt is great :D Good idea ;D


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