Thursday, January 19, 2017

AisleStyle Wedding Dresses

Hi everyone!

Long time no talk hehe. Happy New Year! Today I would like to talk about a website that reached out to me. They are called Aisle Style, and they specialize in beautiful dresses, including wedding dresses! I was shocked at the price and the design! Their selection is great, and they also have many options for cheap wedding dresses as well.

I have picked out 3 types of dresses from the website to show you, and all of them are ones I would personally purchase! And of course, you don't have to wear all these dressings necessarily to your wedding, they would make great evening dresses for formal events!

This one right here is one of their many lace selections, and it's absolutely gorgeous! I would classify this as the dress for a Demure and Reserved Bride. The pricing is very fair as well, at $260. It can be found here.

This one here is more of a vintage feel, and I love the blush color! I would classify this as the Vintage and Bohemian Bride. The patterning is exquisite, and it is priced at $250 and can be found here.

This last one I chose is a more simple and traditional gown. It doesn't have much embellishment or detailing, so I would classify this as the Simple and Elegant Bride. It costs $300, and can be found here. Out of the three, this is personally my favorite.

If you guys are unsure where to start, lace wedding dresses can never go wrong, and that's always one of the first places I go to to find a design I like! Aisle Styles sells prom dresses, evening dresses, and bridesmaid dresses as well, so their selection is very great! If you guys enjoyed this post, feel free to let me know what you think about the website and the dresses I chose! Good luck!

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

White Halter Bathing Suit Review

Hi everyone, how are you guys doing?

Today I have a review on this white halter bathing suit from Choies.\
I originally chose this bathing suit to be a rave body suit HAHAH. (Any ravers in the house?) Here are some pictures from their link.

I was immediately drawn to this one out of the hundreds that they have for you to choose from. After I purchased it, I received the suit in a nice bag with the tags attached and even a sanitary lining! The material feels extremely high quality and quite stretchy. The only downside though, is that it's a bit too small for me. That's my fault though, because I know I'm a tall girl and I ordered an M LOL.

All in all, I would give this bathing suit a:
Other than the fact that it was too small for me, everything else is perfect! Also did I mention it is only $14???

So if any of you are interested, you can find it here. The shop owner is also extremely nice and very prompt with responses!

Thanks to everyone who stuck until the end, and I wish you all a great day~


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Friday, September 30, 2016

Style for Fall: Midi Dresses

Hi guys!
As you all know, Fall is officially here! Everyone must be extremely excited for their Fall closet switch, am I right?

Today, I'm here to put the spotlight on one of my Fall essentials, Midi Dresses! Midi dresses are dresses that hit below your knee, usually at the calf length for a classy feel. I'll be showing you a couple styles and you guys can be the judge on whether or not these are a must for you closet!

This beautiful white dress can be found here.
That beautiful white dress with the subtle floral details on the bottom are to die for!

This vintage dress can be found here.
The red dress shown above is also one of my favorites. Can you imagine just a casual stroll in the city with this classic shaped red dress?

This denim dress can be found here
And last but not least, a very casual denim piece with a twist. All those small floral details can add a pinch of spice to something so simple as a denim dress!

Now if you guys are interested in midi-dresses, Stylewe has a great selection of them here and that is where I chose all three of mine. Keep in mind, for any fashion or style tips Stylewe is the place to go! And if you are also interested, visit their Youtube for more info.

Thank you guys for tuning in today, and I hope you guys have a great season ahead of you!


This post is sponsored, but my opinions are 100% true. I will not lie to my readers.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Nails of the Day: Sally Hansen Laced Up

Good morning guys! How've you all been?
Today I'm going to be sharing my nails of the day (or week rather...), and they're the salon effects stick on nail wraps in Laced Up!

I got them on sale a while back and had just gotten around to using them. Still not an expert at applying as you can see from the pic below lol...

I took all these pictures in natural sunless daylight so the colors are pretty accurate. I just regret doing these in the Summer though, because it's such a good Fall nail! But nevertheless, these are gorgeous and I'm glad I snagged them while they were on sale haha.

Okay, that's it for the post today! What are your favorite nail wraps?
See you guys next time!