Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Mani: Candy Corn! + Swatches of Wine and Dined

Hahahah hi guys! Long time no see! I've been getting so lazy lately :P I actually took lots of pictures of my manis, but I get so lazy and I dont edit them, so I dont post them lol.

BUT ANYWAYYYY, here is my halloween mani! Candy Corn yay! Kind of overrated because everyone is doing these lol, but I wanted to show case the base color: Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in Wine and Dined.


I like the designs on my thumbs a bit more than the ones on my ring finger haha :P And trust me... they look pretty neat in real life lol, cuz nobody puts their face 3cm from my nails and stares at the designs xD but... guess I shouldn't be making excuses :\
I just used 2 coats of Wine and Dined, drew on triangles with white acrylic, and filled them in with orange and yellow acrylic :3

AND HEEERE are the swatches for Wine and Dined! Sadly though, the shimmer is really hard to capture... and I NEED to tilt my nails for the particles to catch the light so they can actually show up... but then there's the stupid glare .______________. I actually think the ones above show you how pretty the shimmer is, while these are just to show you the brown/gray base color (:

This is 3 coats. It's very sheer...

1 Coat

This is a very very sheer polish. It does build up nicely though, I used 3 coats. I feel that this would be nice for a jelly sandwich :P The formula on this was smooth, a bit streaky on the first coat, but perfect when you build it up.
One thing I have to say, though... This polish does NOT last a long time... 2-3 days, and it starts chipping on me. Like NO JOKE. I usually get a week before chipping and tip wear, but this... :\

Alright, that's all for today! Hope you guys have an amaaazing halloween! Love and Kisses to all of you :* And hope you guys have a safe night of trick-or-treating for those who are going!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tokidoki: Savannah! FINALLY :3

Hehehhehe finallyyyyyyyyyy! Got this swatched for you guys lol, this was the base of my ice cream mani btw. Sooo, last of my Toki Dokis ): I wish the Sephora I went to had more in stock... SIGHH.

So Savanna is a GORGEOUSSSS warm toned fine gold glitter and baby pink glitter too, so it adds a girly and soft touch to the gold (:
2 coats of Savanna and 2 coats of topcoat

1 coat

2 Coats
This glitter does dry down to a "sparkling sugar" kind of finish hahaha, as Scrangie puts it :P Love this kind of finish on glitters! I was sooo in love I almost didn't want to top coat it hahaha, but I did, to show you guys :3

This one's with flash. I tried to capture how it glitters in the sunlight BUT OMG. ITS SO SPARKLY. LIKE SOOOOO SPARKLY. even more sparkly than edward cullen.
Hehhehehe, I love this polish! I feel that this is very neutral and appropriate for those are edgy, but can't wear bright colors to work. Super gorgeous! Heheheh thanks for reading my sweetcakes! That's it for today~

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Impress: Halloween Hot Headed?

Hi my cutie pies! :3
So todayyyy, I have some stick ons to show you! They're from Broadway's false nail line: imPRESS, and from the new Halloween Collection! :D I picked these up last week at Walgreens for 8.99, not too bad. This one is called Hot Blooded. I have quite a bit to say about these, but I'll save that for later. Pics first :3

Excuse the tips on the middle finger, I had to file them down for them to  not be so obviously fake...

So, these come in 4 different designs:  One: Spiderweb and Skull, like on my Thumb. Two: Half Spider web, index and ring, three, full spiderweb, middle finger, four skull, pinky.

And they have glitter :D
 These also have numbers behind each nail as sizes, and I picked a size 1 for my thumb because that's the only size that has the skull design and semi-fits my thumb... Still a bit big though, so I had to file it down.

A complaint though.... ugh. These are so flat... And my nails are very curved so they don't lay flat against my nail bed and things can get in between there ): Despite that, I still like the shape it gives my nails, almost a fuller shape. Do you get what I mean? Hahaha, my natural nails aren't this wide, and I actually like it wider! Just very inconvenient with these fakes ):

Blurred this a bit, hoping it would capture the glitter better... apparently not ):
Sooo smooth and shiny :D
Looks very cool, and I get complimented EVERY SINGLE SECOND.
Color combo looks very nice together.
Decent thickness
Makes my nails look wider :3
Comes in a pack of 24 LASTS LONGGGGGG.

Very heavy on your nails
Not curved enough for curvy nails. More malleable would be nice.
Certain designs come in certain sizes, can't guarantee which design would fit. If you like a certain design, then you either cross your fingers that it will fit, or just file it.

All in all, I actually like these :3 Probably just because of the constant compliments though haha, because wearing it does cause a bit of pain on my nails... ): I love this design and I'm hoping to pick up some more from the Halloween line! :D

That's it for today my sweethearts, see you next time :***

Friday, October 12, 2012

Birthday Ice Cream Nails :D

Hi my sweet pumpkins :3 Missed you guys soooo much! But I have been so busy this past week... So many tests because the quarter is ending soon! And on Wednesday, October 9th, it was my birthday :3 Hehehhe, so of course I did a b-day mani! And because I had recently reshaped my nails into a more stiletto shape, I thought it would be perfect :D

This is with flash, look at the base! SOOO glittery!

Hehehhe yup, just turned 17 :3

And this was my thumb for my right hand since writing 17 is obviously too hard for my little left hand xD
I love this mani hehehehhe except I feel I could've smoothed out the pastels more by adding another coat in some places because you can still see the grittiness of the glitter underneath... Anyway here were the colors used :
Mint Green: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Mint Sorbet
Lilac: Nameless one I got from China I think...
Pink: China Glaze Dance Baby
Pale Yellow: Sinful Colors Unicorn (Such a pain to work with -____-)
And base color! :D My Toki Doki in Savannah! I'll have swatches up for you guys heheh
Loving my nails right now :3

Soooo, that would be it for today! Thanks sooo much for reading~~~ :-***

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wet n Wild Spoiled: Steel the Show; glitter striping!

Hi everyone! :D This is my last post I had in stock, so I'll be starting some halloweenish designs soon :P

Anywayyy, here is the design for today! I had this on for more than a week already, I love how my Revlon No Chip topcoat makes EVERY manicure last soooo long! But it takes a while to dry, and you all know that I'm a very impatient person... so... hahah~

I used 2 coats of Wet n Wild Steel the Show, striped on a silver foil, and added American Apparel Supernova.
 Wet n Wild Steel the Show  is a beautiful mauve purple with grey and some brown undertones. I love this color! To me, it's like THE DEFINITION of chic and sophisticated hahaha. Reminds me of cozy sweaters too :3

1 Coat, the purple is more apparent.

2 Coats. More grey here.

Silver Stripe, I love how when the light hits it right, it looks like the silver is a gradient :P

Beautiful huh! Heheheh :3 Okay babiessss, that's it for today! I'll see you guys next time~