Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Impress: Halloween Hot Headed?

Hi my cutie pies! :3
So todayyyy, I have some stick ons to show you! They're from Broadway's false nail line: imPRESS, and from the new Halloween Collection! :D I picked these up last week at Walgreens for 8.99, not too bad. This one is called Hot Blooded. I have quite a bit to say about these, but I'll save that for later. Pics first :3

Excuse the tips on the middle finger, I had to file them down for them to  not be so obviously fake...

So, these come in 4 different designs:  One: Spiderweb and Skull, like on my Thumb. Two: Half Spider web, index and ring, three, full spiderweb, middle finger, four skull, pinky.

And they have glitter :D
 These also have numbers behind each nail as sizes, and I picked a size 1 for my thumb because that's the only size that has the skull design and semi-fits my thumb... Still a bit big though, so I had to file it down.

A complaint though.... ugh. These are so flat... And my nails are very curved so they don't lay flat against my nail bed and things can get in between there ): Despite that, I still like the shape it gives my nails, almost a fuller shape. Do you get what I mean? Hahaha, my natural nails aren't this wide, and I actually like it wider! Just very inconvenient with these fakes ):

Blurred this a bit, hoping it would capture the glitter better... apparently not ):
Sooo smooth and shiny :D
Looks very cool, and I get complimented EVERY SINGLE SECOND.
Color combo looks very nice together.
Decent thickness
Makes my nails look wider :3
Comes in a pack of 24 LASTS LONGGGGGG.

Very heavy on your nails
Not curved enough for curvy nails. More malleable would be nice.
Certain designs come in certain sizes, can't guarantee which design would fit. If you like a certain design, then you either cross your fingers that it will fit, or just file it.

All in all, I actually like these :3 Probably just because of the constant compliments though haha, because wearing it does cause a bit of pain on my nails... ): I love this design and I'm hoping to pick up some more from the Halloween line! :D

That's it for today my sweethearts, see you next time :***


  1. I'm not crazy over false nails but the design on these is awesome!

  2. These are pretty awesome!! Love the Halloween designs! I know what you mean about them being so flat though :( My problem with them was that the glue, or sticker, never fully adhered to my nail so the nail would move back and forth on my natural nail. I don't know if it's just me but I never bought them again :( But these ones are so pretty!

    1. Yea, they do move slightly on me, that's why it hurts my nails sometimes ): But it's so gorgeous hahaha, suffer for beauty!

    2. TRUTH! :) the prettiness definitely makes them worth it :)

  3. So pretty the designs are gorgeous just shame they don't curve enough they would be useless for my really curved nails :(

    Jazz x

  4. Love the design! I have curved nails too, so I don't think fake nails would ever work for me!

  5. I'm always scared to try on fake nails!! However, these might turn me into a believer!! :) Love them! <3

  6. I wore some fake nails a few months back and feel the same way you do. They were a bit heavy and they weren't flush with my natural nails because mine are long.. I think it would have been better to have cut my natural nails down, but I didn't want to do that. So the entire time I was worried about moisture staying down there, and I didn't eat any finger foods or cook when I wore fake nails... you know.. fungal infection and what not. So after three days I took them off. BUT I did learn something! I now use the artificial nail remover jar to remove all my glitter manis. I did a post on them too.


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