Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tokidoki: Savannah! FINALLY :3

Hehehhehe finallyyyyyyyyyy! Got this swatched for you guys lol, this was the base of my ice cream mani btw. Sooo, last of my Toki Dokis ): I wish the Sephora I went to had more in stock... SIGHH.

So Savanna is a GORGEOUSSSS warm toned fine gold glitter and baby pink glitter too, so it adds a girly and soft touch to the gold (:
2 coats of Savanna and 2 coats of topcoat

1 coat

2 Coats
This glitter does dry down to a "sparkling sugar" kind of finish hahaha, as Scrangie puts it :P Love this kind of finish on glitters! I was sooo in love I almost didn't want to top coat it hahaha, but I did, to show you guys :3

This one's with flash. I tried to capture how it glitters in the sunlight BUT OMG. ITS SO SPARKLY. LIKE SOOOOO SPARKLY. even more sparkly than edward cullen.
Hehhehehe, I love this polish! I feel that this is very neutral and appropriate for those are edgy, but can't wear bright colors to work. Super gorgeous! Heheheh thanks for reading my sweetcakes! That's it for today~


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