Thursday, June 20, 2013

Purple Mani Featuring Born Pretty Store Bow Review~

Hello my sweet kitties~ I've been really busy with getting ready for graduation lately. And it's finally here! Hehehhe, so excited :D So anyway, I have a mani to show you from a while back, and I used bows from Born Pretty Store~ Love them! Details after the pics (:

The lavender in this pic is not accurate, irl it's a bit more pink

This is the most color accurate picture~
 So for this manicure, I used:
1 Coat of A nameless lavender color on Thumb, Index, and Middle
1 Coat of Milani Lavender Fizz on Thumb over lavender and 2 Coats on Ring
Forever 21 Fake Metallic Nail on Pinky

As you can see, I added a bow from Born Pretty Store, and I really like it! However, it's a bit flat on the underside so it falls off quite easily and can be a pain when you wash your hair as it gets caught LOL.

These bows are around 1 cm long, and can be found here in many different colors. All in all, I really like these because they're really cute and they're very versatile, don't have to put them on your nails. And also, I think that the flatness brings a bit more dimension to the nail, although some may not like it. These lasted 4 days on me, and I use nail glue, so those who just use nail polish may experience a shorter lasting time. So, I would give this product a:

Really love it, and I feel like I can wear these with almost any mani haha :P
So that's it for the post today, I'm off to get ready for graduation! Have a wonderful day, guys :3

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bits of My Work From Prom: What I Do to Other People LOL

Hi everyone~ I'm going to do a slightly different post today, and it's going to showcase my AMAZING MAKEUP AND NAIL DOING SKILLS ;) Lol, jk, I just took lots of pictures when my friends were at my house getting ready, so I thought I'd share (:

First off, are Tiffany's nails. I did them like my Winter Ball Nails, and I apologize for not cleaning up the cuticles, NO TIME >.<

What do you think? She makes a good hand model huh :P

Next, we have Maya. She's been bothering me for the whole year to do her Prom makeup looolol, here's how it turned out:

Before Pic
Okay, so she told me she wanted to look like this Victoria's Secret model, and I was like.... I'll try xD I think I made her a bit more colored because she's naturally super pale. Like glow in the dark pale....

Okay, lastly I did two people's hairs: Vania and Malina. But I didn't get to take nice pics because we were running out of time and I had to go get ready too >.< I managed to get a shot of Vania and her date before they left though ahha :P
Nothing much, just curled her hair and brushed it out for a more natural look hehehhe.

That's it for today's post guys! See you guys next time~

Monday, June 10, 2013

All Dressed in Pink Ft. Oasap Lace Shorts!

Hi my sweetcakes! Today I have a very... pink look to share with you guys hahaha :P Again, featuring Fashion Eight-layer Lace Embellished Shorts with Medium Waistline from Oasap. It comes in quite a few different colors including white black and purple, but you know me, I LOVE MY PINK HEHEHE :3
Enjoy my girliness! :D

My legs have so many bumps and bruises from dance lol. tried to even out the skintone as best as I could!

Pink Cardigan: Neiman Marcus (M)
Pink Tank Top: Victoria's Secret (S)
Flats: Penny Loves Kenny
Double Lip Ring: H&M
Glasses Necklace & Pink Polka Dot Bangle: Forever 21

The thing with these shorts is that the lace isn't sewn in on both sides. Like you see from the below picture, in the front, the lace just goes all around, kind of like a skirt. Doesn't go into a seam inbetween the legs. In the back though, it is. I appreciate this because if I wear the pants the other way, I get major camel toe! Or maybe its cuz I have fat legs and a fat butt LOOOOLOL.

And just a warning, my butt looks gigantic in the next picture lol. The way these pants are sewn.... sigh....

Another view of the front and its skirtlike features:

Okay, and here I have some closeups of the shorts itself.
Pic of the front. You notice the overlay of the lace? 

Pic of the back.

Elastic band up top.
All in all, I really love these shorts! The color is really bright and super fun :D The lace also adds a really feminine touch to these pants. I also love the bottom part, where the lace kind of flares out , adds such a cute effect! The only con is though, that these only come in one size, and as you can see..... are a little small for my huge butt LOL. Wouldn't flatter everyone, but would be nice on most! Also super comfortable! Comfy enough to be PJ's :P And not to mention, $22! Quite a good deal! So I would give these a:
Feel free to check out more affordable and cute shorts~

That's all for today! TTYL :3


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Glitter Gradient #2! With Maybelline Tenacious Teal and Sinful Colors Call You Later

Happy Saturday everyone! I'm officially counting down the mere week of school left! So many projects due though.... hope we can all pull through (: Anyway, today I decided to do another glitter gradient, since my last one received so many positive comments! Thank you guys all so much for supporting, it really makes my day to see such nice things that people have to say :3 Today, I decided to switch up the color to green, which usually doesn't look good on my skintone..... but I think this looks quite well! Have a look~

2 Coats of Maybelline Color Show Tenacious Teal 1 coat of Sinful Colors Call You Later

With flash, you can see the jelly like properties of Tenacious Teal

This picture is in natural lighting, and I feel that it doesn't quite capture the gorgeous teal aspect of this green!

Again, natural lighting, not very color accurate.
 There was one little question I had about Tenacious Teal though... For those who own the 24 Hour Tattoo Shadow from Maybelline will know that Tenacious Teal is quite BLUE. But however, the nail polish is quite GREEN. Just what I noticed, putting it out there haha :P Below is a pic of it at 1 coat, quite a gorgeous crelly :3

The bad thing I found about Tenacious Teal though, is that it chips really easily..... and that it stains your nails a bit so you'll need to use some thick base coat! Other than that, it's a gorgeous color and I really like it :3

Okay, that's it for today's short nail post! Talk to you guys all next time~


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Oversized Rose Ring and Vintage Gold Skull Ring from Oasap Review~

Hi everyone! Today I have not one, but two adorable rings to show you guys! I ordered both from Oasap! Let's get straight into it because I'm very excited for these! :D

First, I have the Oversize Flower Stretchy Ring to show you. Actually, I purposely wore my rose earrings to match! :P It's a light peachy pink plastic rose with an elastic band so it is able to fit most people. More on that later, lemme show you some pics of it first :3

It's very shiny, and the design is very feminine and intricate, LOVE IT!

 Okay, here comes the sad part though. The ring itself is gorgeous, but the band is slightly uncomfortable. Without streching, I would say it is a size 6, and if you stretch it, it fits bigger fingers, obviously. But when it's stretched, the pieces of the gold part pinches your fingers and it can hurt a bit... Also, it leaves a very significant mark once you take it off because of how tight it is. So BEWARE! Anyway, despite all that trouble with the band, I still LOVE this ring. It costs $10, I would say slightly expensive, but I love the design so I would repurchase if it breaks! All in all, I give this ring a :
Next up, I have the Skull Embellished Ring in the color Copper, because I find that golden tones look nicer on me (: Again, this is an adjustable ring, which would originally fit a size 8, but can be made smaller or bigger.

That is what the back looks like, I must say I like this kind of adjustable a bit better than the elastic kind because even though it isn't pretty, at least it doesn't hurt your fingers! I must say though, I was a little disappointed with this ring because:
1) I thought it was going to be bigger, like past my knuckles.
2) I thought it would be better quality and made with a heavier metal.
As you can see, the back is empty and carved out, and the metal is very thin and cheap feeling. It has a nice vintage effect though, due to the darkening in some areas, which I LOVE. And the design is super nice, I'm a sucker for skulls haha :P This ring costs $12, and I would say it's not very worth it. Perhaps if it were under $10, I would purchase, but $12 is just too much for this kind of quality, no matter how much I love the design. I would give this a:
And for those who are curious about how big these are:

 Rose Ring: 1.75 inches or 4.5 cm
Skull Ring: 2 inches or 5.2 cm

Okay, that's it for today's post! Hope you guys enjoyed, and if you're interested, feel free to check out the Jewelry Selection of Oasap to browse for affordable and cute jewelry! (:
Thanks for reading :3




Saturday, June 1, 2013

Some of My Pre-Prom Party Pictures! :D

Hehehe hi everyone! Today is prom day for us, but I decided not to go ): However, I did go to the pre-prom party! And I was a photographer~ Took lots and lots of pictures hahaha, and I'm going to share some here with you :3 I've been doing people's makeup and hair ever since I woke up this morning lol, probably going to share some of those pictures with you in another post soon! So anyway, my makeup, hair, and dress is pretty casual looool, NO TIME! TOO MANY PEOPLE TO BEAUTIFY, NO TIME FOR MYSELF.

This is me and my friend, AKA my tall buddy, Ugne! Such a beauty, right?

And this is Vania (:

This is Mabel! She's gorgeous as well, love her dress~

And you've seen these two before, Malina and Vania photobombing lol


Monochrome Dresses! And Damn Ugne working it.

Photobombed lol

Vania and I! Look at her nails, so pretty :D

Vania's corsage so pretty! :3

Us being James Bonds LOL

Girl group shot

Girls and Guys group shot! :D Looking good, guys~

Last but not least, camwhore shot with Fiola, (she's actually a girl, the one on the left lol) Vania, Malina and me! :D
Hehehehe, I had so much fun at that party, even though I didn't get to go to prom! Still fun being with my friends~ Also, lots of free food! It's originally a potluck, but I'm a photographer there, so I don't have to bring food :P Heheheh, so much fun, definitely not a night to be easily forgotten~
Alright, that comes to the end of this super quick post!
Talk to you guys next time!