Thursday, November 8, 2012

Milani Nail Lacquer: Lavender Fizz and Pink Flare Glitter Swatches and Review

Hi my sweethearts! Happy No H8 day! I guess I can semi-say that I'm participating because I have a purple glitter for you guys right? :P But anyway, seriously. Bullying, it wasn't something I grew up with, but it was definitely something I had witnessed a lot. Being a girl, I would always see groups of girls accepting some, yet rejecting others, and trashtalking them in the process. Right to their faces. Thats not okay :\ Leaving someone out like that, and especially saying extremely mean things. I'm hoping that people will begin to realize how much it hurts that person, because it really can be devastating, to be rejected by a social group and be the hot topic of gossip and rumors.

So here today, coincidentally, I have a lavender purple glitter, and a light nude/pink glitter from Milani. First, let's talk about Lavender Fizz.

Natural Lighting, 2 Coats

Lavender Fizz is a GORGEOUS  lavender glitter with a bit of fuchsia undertones. Just a bit. It's very opaque, because it has different sizes of glitter, and the small glitter really does fill up a lot of space.

1 Coat, gritty! Top coat eater!
 And oh my oh my... This polish is sooooooo blingy!!! Like, when I wear my rings with this, THIS OUTBLINGS MY RING. Seriously. I can't even begin! Love this polish sooooo much :3 Definitely going to be getting a lot of wear out of this :D

And here's a bottle shot to show how dense the glitter is!
 Now next, Pink Flare, a medium pink with slight nude/orange undertones. These pictures are not very true to color, this polish is a bit less pink in real life :P

3 Coats

This is a bit more true to color. But it's not this nude either hahah, it's like a mix between this picture and the above pictures!
1 Coat.

 I also really enjoy this polish, because YOU GUYS KNOW ABOUT MY LOVE FOR HOLOS :3 Heheheh, on the nails, its not as blingy as Lavender Fizz but it definitely is very sparkly! AND LOOK AT THE HOLO:

Heheheh, all in all, I really love these two polishes!!! Looooove~~~ I know that I will be wearing these quite a bit hehe. The formula was amazing for Lavender Fizz, the brushes are small, but big enough to get a nice curve around the cuticle for perfect application. The consistency was really smooth as well. Pink Flare was a bit on the sheerer side, but I can see it as a layering glitter~
Alright, that's it for today! Stay safe and have a great memorial weekend :-*


  1. No way these are all so gorgeous! I love love love these!

    Jazz x

  2. I love how soft these glitter are! I really like the one coat picture.


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