Thursday, November 1, 2012

What a Way to Start My November

Hey guys, so, remember the 40% off Drugstore's beauty items? Yup, I took advantage of that and ordered quite a few things. I was soooo excited for my items to arrive then I found out, this happened:

I was originally VERY surprised by the awesome pink shimmer in here and I thought WOW SO PRETTY! Until I started digging through my stuff and I got pink pigment all over my fingers... Then I found this:

My poor blush ): It died during transit... I hope you had a nice life, blush!

So, another picture to show you all the powderyness of my whole box... It was quite a hassle to clean up, but I did it :D
I just want to add that had been very sweet and considerate of this accident, and gave me my refund along with a polite apology. Love it when companies are so sweet :3 But now I'm kind of regretting the refunding of this blush... It looks so gorgeous D: Might have to pick it up again hahahahah.
Alright, that's it for today! Hope my sour mood didn't affect all of you guys! Wish you all a wonderful November :***


  1. What a bummer! At least you got a full refund!

  2. Aw pooey that stinks!! Good to hear that you got a refund! Poor blush!


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