Friday, July 21, 2017

Everything is Blueeeee: Blue French Mani

Hi sweethearts! I hope you are all having a great day so far 😊 I have a cute mani that I did a while ago, and I wanted to share it with you!

 I used Formula X's Omni, and Infatuated, and a silver striper from KISS.

So I originally wasn't going to add the silver stripe linings, but it seemed like the edges were too unclean for me to not go through them LOL.

Done on my naked nails! Was going to add a sheer baby pink as a base, but I was lazy.... so sorry for the stained nails! xD

And just as a bonus to show you how obsessed I am with the color blue.....

Hahah hope you guys like it! Enjoy, and I'll see you guys next time!


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Flirtin' Co Review: Polish Swatches and Mani Scrub

Hi guys! So I recently won a giveaway on Instagram for some goodies to this indie brand called Flirtin' Co. I picked up 2 polishes and a sugar mani scrub. Sham also sent me some business cards and an extra bubble blower to play with! Super cute haha

The owner, Sham, is a complete sweetheart! The sugar scrub leaked in the mail, and when I messaged her about it, she immediately sent me a replacement. The Pina Colada scent of the scrub is delicious haha.

So onto the polishes! The first is a color from her "Say I Do" collection called "To Have & To Hold". Beautiful soft green with a pearly yellow sheen, and it's scattered with holographic glitters. Formula is nice and thin, and I used 3 coats. If your nails are shorter, you can definitely get away with 2 thicker coats.

Saving my favorite for last, this is "PINKing of You", and it's gorgeous! A light pink with a pearly sheen, and packed with small fuchsia glitters and larger holographic glitters! This one definitely is a sparkle ball! Really fun, and formula was great! I used 2 coats for the picture, but you can build it up for more depth if you with another coat.

Overall, I just want to say that I'm very impressed with this company! Customer service, products, shipping time, everything is very nice! It was a great experience, and I definitely will be ordering from them again :)

Okay, that's it for today, thanks for reading!


Saturday, July 15, 2017

VELVET SUGAR by Bath and Body Works Inspired Mani

Hi my sparkles! How was your day so far? Today I have a nail art post, (Yay not a swatch finally!!!) haha. It's inspired by this lotion that I've been desperately trying to use up xD I've had it for a while now, it's the Velvet Sugar Body Cream by Bath and Body Works. Not the biggest fan of the scent, but it works!

I wanted to do a mani based on the colors of the tube, originally I was going to do the floss/quilting technique, but I couldn't get that right, so I just went with striping haha. I also stamped on a turquoise floral design.

I used: Sally Hansen "Rupee Red" for the deep maroon color, Formula X "Brazen" for the pink, and Sinful Colors "Mint Apple" for the (little) splash of turquoise.

I originally did this mani in the glossy form, but I think it looked nicer matte, so I added Essie's matte topcoat over it. Here's the original version.

Okay, that's it for today's post! What's your favorite scent from Bath and Body Works? :)


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Deborah Lippmann: Mermaid's Kiss Swatches and Review

Hello my beautiful readers! I hope you're all having a great day so far. Today I'm gonna be sharing with you swatches of a gorgeous polish from Deborah Lippmann. These were very popular a few years ago.

It's a gorgeous baby pink base loaded with gold microglitters and larger gold and fuchsia glitters. Super sparkly in the light! My pictures definitely do not do it justice, it's a very deep and complex polish. It's quite sheer on the first coat, but it builds up to full opacity with 3 coats.

Really love this color! I understand what the type about these polishes were haha, but very late to the train 😅 Enjoy your guys' day, and I'll talk to you guys next time!


Sunday, July 9, 2017

REVISITING OLD SWATCHES: Nails Inc Sprinkles Collection Swatches

Wow, what a throwback! Sprinkles collection? That was sooooo 2012. Or whatever year they were popular LOL. I swatched one of the colors back in the day, but I didn't swatch the other two. Sooo here they are!

First up is Nails Inc Pudding Lane, a teal jelly with fuschia purple and gold glitters. This was a little sheer so I needed 3 coats, but I feel like that contributed to the 3D feel of this polish. I actually really like this color! I only used one coat of top coat here.

Next is Nails Inc Sugar House Lane. I used 2 coats here, this is definitely more opaque and packed with glitter. Definitely has a more gritty finish than the other two. I have mixed feelings about this one, it kind of reminds me of an Oreo shake, but also kind of looks like mud.... 😅 It's a grey/taupe base with silver white and black glitters. This needed 2 coats of topcoat to make it look semi-leveled.

Last but certainly not least, my favorite of the collection. The one I swatched 4 years ago haha. This is called Sweets Way, a milky base with suspended silver, blue, and pink glitters. This reminds me of this Sanrio character called Cinnamoroll haha. I used three coats of this.


One Coat

Two Coats
I think that my polish may have oxidized over the years because it's starting to look slightly yellow... but oh well haha.
And this is the character is reminds me of LOL.

Okay, thanks for reading! See you guys next time hehe

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Coconut Latte Nails: Gold and Violet Julep Polishes

Heyyyyyy cuties :3

I have kind of an odd combo to share with you guys today. So there's this delicious coconut water coffee drink that I had the other day, and the colors just all worked so well together. Soooo.... yea.

So I started off with two coats of Julep Penny, it's a antique gold color. Not really as penny or copper as I had thought, but still beautiful nonetheless! the shimmers are gorgeous, and not too much brushstrokes.

Then, I layered a coat of Violette on top. It's a deep indigo violet glitter. Can barely tell it's purple, mostly blue under the light. It's quite sparse, so it's definitely a layering polish. Probably can't get opaque by itself.

Yea, and Julep's instagram actually commented on my nails for this look! Hahaha, that was a nice start to my day. Anyway, my handle is @steamiexo if any of you want to follow me there.

But that's it for today, until next time!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Fourth of July: FLAG NAILS

Hope you guys all had a great weekend, and are enjoying your time with friends and family! Today I have a Fourth of July nail design to share with you. Very easy!

I used Sinful Colors "Snow Me White" for the white, Formula X "Omni" for the blue, and striped on Julep "Elsie" as the shimmery holo red. I added a glitter called "Marry a Billionaire" by China Glaze to my pinky to imitate the sparkle of a fireworks show haha. I used the same white polish to stamp on some stars with the Bundle Monster BM14 plate.

These were super fun to wear! I had a lot of fun creating these, and a lot of people complimented me on my nails! Definitely super patriotic haha. Hope you guys enjoyed, and I would love to see some of your designs too! Link them to me via my Insta: @steamiexo or just comment them down below :D

That's it for today, I'll see you guys next time!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Jungle Colored Feather Nail Art Inspired by RCT2

Hi sparkles! Today I have a nail art with a bit of an odd backstory LOL.
Soooo, you've all heard of Roller Coaster Tycoon, I'm sure. The nostalgic early 2000's game that took the world by storm. Yup, I recently purchased it and started playing it again! Just as addictive as I remembered it to be. So I did this nail art inspired by the colors of the game.

Soooo, inspired by the jungle trees and rivers and the colors of the game LOL. And of course, I added a feather just for the heck of it.

These are the colors I used, Sally Hansen Please Sea Me, Sinful Colors Mint Apple, and Formula X Zap. I had to layer two coats of zap over a white, because it's extremely sheer, it's more of like a tint of neon yellow. No way I could've gotten it opaque by itself.

Okay, that's it for the post today haha. Just wanted to share my current obsession with y'all 🌝😂😅

Until next time,