Thursday, June 20, 2013

Purple Mani Featuring Born Pretty Store Bow Review~

Hello my sweet kitties~ I've been really busy with getting ready for graduation lately. And it's finally here! Hehehhe, so excited :D So anyway, I have a mani to show you from a while back, and I used bows from Born Pretty Store~ Love them! Details after the pics (:

The lavender in this pic is not accurate, irl it's a bit more pink

This is the most color accurate picture~
 So for this manicure, I used:
1 Coat of A nameless lavender color on Thumb, Index, and Middle
1 Coat of Milani Lavender Fizz on Thumb over lavender and 2 Coats on Ring
Forever 21 Fake Metallic Nail on Pinky

As you can see, I added a bow from Born Pretty Store, and I really like it! However, it's a bit flat on the underside so it falls off quite easily and can be a pain when you wash your hair as it gets caught LOL.

These bows are around 1 cm long, and can be found here in many different colors. All in all, I really like these because they're really cute and they're very versatile, don't have to put them on your nails. And also, I think that the flatness brings a bit more dimension to the nail, although some may not like it. These lasted 4 days on me, and I use nail glue, so those who just use nail polish may experience a shorter lasting time. So, I would give this product a:

Really love it, and I feel like I can wear these with almost any mani haha :P
So that's it for the post today, I'm off to get ready for graduation! Have a wonderful day, guys :3


  1. Very cute and creative..gotta try this :)

  2. Gorgeous! I wish you could do my nails! >__<

  3. Owww, so cute! I like the whole nail art

  4. I want those nails, they're just too cute!! :)

  5. awsome mani!! so the pinky nail was a fake nail all together?
    love that glitter really stunning!!

    1. Yup! It's a fake nail! Heheheh, thank you <3

  6. So cute!

    xoxo ☺

  7. Wow this is like the prettiest manicure i've seen! The bow is perfect lol (: And 4 days is quite good for a big accessory like this!
    Penny Rose

  8. So cute! :) Especially with a rosette on the nail!

  9. wowwie this is absolutely beautifu! love the colors so much and all the glitter and the bow <33
    wish i could have such pretty nails lol:)

    lots of love x


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