Saturday, June 1, 2013

Some of My Pre-Prom Party Pictures! :D

Hehehe hi everyone! Today is prom day for us, but I decided not to go ): However, I did go to the pre-prom party! And I was a photographer~ Took lots and lots of pictures hahaha, and I'm going to share some here with you :3 I've been doing people's makeup and hair ever since I woke up this morning lol, probably going to share some of those pictures with you in another post soon! So anyway, my makeup, hair, and dress is pretty casual looool, NO TIME! TOO MANY PEOPLE TO BEAUTIFY, NO TIME FOR MYSELF.

This is me and my friend, AKA my tall buddy, Ugne! Such a beauty, right?

And this is Vania (:

This is Mabel! She's gorgeous as well, love her dress~

And you've seen these two before, Malina and Vania photobombing lol


Monochrome Dresses! And Damn Ugne working it.

Photobombed lol

Vania and I! Look at her nails, so pretty :D

Vania's corsage so pretty! :3

Us being James Bonds LOL

Girl group shot

Girls and Guys group shot! :D Looking good, guys~

Last but not least, camwhore shot with Fiola, (she's actually a girl, the one on the left lol) Vania, Malina and me! :D
Hehehehe, I had so much fun at that party, even though I didn't get to go to prom! Still fun being with my friends~ Also, lots of free food! It's originally a potluck, but I'm a photographer there, so I don't have to bring food :P Heheheh, so much fun, definitely not a night to be easily forgotten~
Alright, that comes to the end of this super quick post!
Talk to you guys next time!


  1. those are sweet pics of u and your friends !!!!! and believe me u still look sweet even no time to beautify yourself....:D
    thanks for always drop me some comments was so lovely

  2. you have an amazing figure!

  3. Thank you !
    You all look beautiful !

  4. You and your friends are so cute!

    1. Hehehe, thank you! They're all super hilarious :P

  5. Awwww, such great photos! You guys look like you are having so much fun!


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