Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bits of My Work From Prom: What I Do to Other People LOL

Hi everyone~ I'm going to do a slightly different post today, and it's going to showcase my AMAZING MAKEUP AND NAIL DOING SKILLS ;) Lol, jk, I just took lots of pictures when my friends were at my house getting ready, so I thought I'd share (:

First off, are Tiffany's nails. I did them like my Winter Ball Nails, and I apologize for not cleaning up the cuticles, NO TIME >.<

What do you think? She makes a good hand model huh :P

Next, we have Maya. She's been bothering me for the whole year to do her Prom makeup looolol, here's how it turned out:

Before Pic
Okay, so she told me she wanted to look like this Victoria's Secret model, and I was like.... I'll try xD I think I made her a bit more colored because she's naturally super pale. Like glow in the dark pale....

Okay, lastly I did two people's hairs: Vania and Malina. But I didn't get to take nice pics because we were running out of time and I had to go get ready too >.< I managed to get a shot of Vania and her date before they left though ahha :P
Nothing much, just curled her hair and brushed it out for a more natural look hehehhe.

That's it for today's post guys! See you guys next time~


  1. Great work! I love how you did your friends makeup :3 And nails are really cute !

    1. Hahahah, she gave me a picture of Candice so I was like OKAY CANDICE. GORGEOUS EYES. :D

  2. Oh yeah, good job on doing the make up for Maya! :D Also love the nails for Tiffany, hehe.

  3. I am your follower, dear:)

  4. incredible nails, what did u do to create the flowers, please cmnt the answer back on my blog -.- wish blogger would tell u when ppl replied like fb does or something

  5. So awesome! You have skills girl... do my makeup? :P


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