Sunday, December 16, 2012

Black Glittery French, Winter Ball Mani

Hi everyone! Last night was Winter Ball, a Moonlit Masquerade. I went with my date, my bubu bear :3 I've had my nails bare for almost a week already because I didn't know what dress I'm doing to wear. So I bought a black and gold dress, I'll probably have some pictures if you guys want haha :P
SO ANYWAAAYYY, my nails. I decided to go with a black french, so I can match my dress. I do believe I've seen something similar and that was probably what inspired me but I honestly can't remember where I've seen it, so sorry!

Do you like the holo? :D

I used 2 different lightings for these pics, tell me if you like the lighting on the first and second picture, or the other ones!

Here's what I used:
Nameless Shimmery Onyx Love and Beauty color, Claire's Glitter Topcoat, Icing's Frost Yourself, Essie's My Private Cabana

And then I just stamped on some flowers and added rhinestones :3 Hope you guys like this mani, because I LOOOVE IT. What a way to remember Winter Ball (:


  1. This is stunning, they look professionally done! Love the flowers :)

    1. Thank you heheh, I was hesitating on whether to do the flowers or not, but I convinced myself to in the end xP

  2. Love the pops of holo in there!

  3. That looks gorgeous! ^^ And I'd love to see your dress!!


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