Monday, September 24, 2012

Tokidoki Nail Polish: SANDy Swatches and Review

Hi lovelies :3 Today I have another Tokidoki bar glitter for you guys! And this one is SANDy. Yea, all caps except the y, hahaha. Sandy is the little pink haired girl who's in a cactus suit, and this polish, with the gold and green/blue duochrome bar glitters, does really capture the cactusness! And of course, with a light pink glitter base, it adds all the girlyness :3

These are 3 coats of SANDy, and two coats of topcoat: one coat of OPI, and one coat of Seche Vite.
 These dry down more gritty than Donutella, so you do need 2 thick coats of top coat to smooth it down. I love this polish sooooo much because in normal lighting, it's a fairly standard "neutral", but when light hits it, BAM. glitter explosion heheheheh LOOOVE.

Natural lighting
 I also love that this polish is a bit more sheer than Donutella, which makes it really nice for layering! I can't wait to try it over black!

1 Coat

Formula was great, thinner than Donutella, so a bit easier to work with. Love this polish overall! Get it before Sephora discontinues it ):


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