Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tokidoki Nail Polish: Donutella Swatches and Review

OH MY GOD. okay, so lemme just say that I got these for 4 dollars. 4 DOLLARS. Sephora, they're going on clearance because they're getting rid of the tokidoki collection ): So I went and bought all the colors they had. which is only 3 hhaha.
Anyway, first color is Donutella! Gorgeous red glitter, fuchsia magenta bar glitter, and holo bar glitter suspended in a clear base. In case you guys don't know who Donutella is, shes a little cute character wearing a donut lifesaver with sprinkles! I think the bar glitter really captures the sprinkles well, AND ITS JUST SOOO GLITTERY AND PRETTY OMG.

Look at that adorable heart crossbone! :D

 Each polish in this set also comes with a small set of nail stickers attached to the back:
Okayyyy, enough with the cuteness overload! Now lets get to the swatches :P


Close up of 1 coat! All those silver bars are actually holo, more pics later.
This does dry down to a very gritty finish, on my index, and I used 1 coat of OPI, then a coat of Seche Vite.

Alright, now that you see its true gorgeousness, LEMME BRING ON THE HOLO.

Flash, and I appologize for tip shrinkage lol, SECHE VITE I HATE YOU SOMETIMES.
You see how much I love this polish? Well in case you dont, lemme just tell you right here that I do. Sooo much omg, and my mom loves it too, so we're both wearing this on our nails hahaha. Love! Formula was pretty nice, though the glitter is really gritty so it does tend to get thick and pull if you don't wait between coats. Give it a nice 3-4 minutes, and you should be fine (:

That's it for this time! See you guys all next time :3


  1. Replies
    1. I know!! But sadly they're becoming out of stock really soon cuz they're not carrying it any more ):

  2. Wow! Those glitters.... that holo... amazing!

  3. Ive never heard of this brand, but this is really pretty and $4- cant beat that!!

    1. It's a japanese fashion brand that did a colab with Sephora! (:

  4. $4?! Such a good deal for such a pretty polish!

  5. tokiDOKI!! omg, I love ANYTHING tokidoki or hello kitty related... I am so happy to see this swatch <3 I was contemplating getting it from Sephora. Wonder if its still available! :) <3

  6. Love this nail polish honey :)

    I'm following!


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