Monday, September 10, 2012

Color Club Take Wing: Sky High

Hi my sweethearts! Long time no see! School started, and it has kept me very busy... sigh...
But anyway, here I have a swatch of Sky High for you, from Color Club's Take Wing collection. It's a beautiful teal based blue that has gorgeous purple shimmer with almost a glassfleck finish. I also got two others from this collection and I'll swatch it next time :3
This polish was a PAIN to photograph! The purple and teal shimmers just don't wanna show up ): stupid camera... I blame you dslr!!!

I believe this is one thick coat. If you do a thin coat, it can be quite sheer, but one generous coat is fine.
One Coat
Can you see the purple? I tried really hard, but my camera just doesnt like purple I guess... But it is quite visible in real life.

Here's a better look at the teal base, it's really shiny under direct light! Glassflecks are always gorgeous under the sun to :3

Here's a better look at the purple duochrome-ish shimmer! It does show up quite nicely on the nail, along with some subtle teal/green shimmer too.

 Great color, but doesn't suit my skin tone. A bit too... blue. Hahaha, too bright, I could see this working for darker skintones or a cooler skintone! Still, doesn't change the fact that I love this color :3 Formula was great, dries faily quickly, and goes on super smoothly! If you want thin even coats, I would suggest 3, but 2 really is good enough.
Hehehe, that's it for today! Until next time :3


  1. This is a gorgeous nail polish!! I want this NOW!! @-@

  2. Really nice one from color club!!! So pretty!

  3. This is so pretty! I don't have any color clubs :(

    1. You should try them out! They're wonderful <3 I love all my bottles of CC's (:

  4. I love this, what a pretty glass fleck polish! I think it looks fantastic on you!

  5. I love this colour, that purple shimmer is amaze!

  6. This looks so pretty! Reminds me of the beach :)
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, you can have a look here


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