Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sparkling Water by Savina Swatches and Review

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday! Today's the first week of school after finals, and my teachers are already piling up so much work ):
Anyway, I haven't been painting my nails too much lately, but I have LOTS of pictures that I took from before, and here is one of them: Sparkling Water by Savina.

2 Coats of Sparkling water and 2 Coats of topcoat

1 Coat of Sparkling water, Flash

1 Coat, without flash.
 As you probably noticed, this polish is gorgeous, but... Really gritty! The holo particles are very big and when the base color goes over them, it creates a lumpy gritty effect... I guess the "textured" look is very popular now, but hahaha not my thing :P The polish itself does have a bit of green sheen to it, and my camera didn't capture it very well so I tried to edit it...

2 Coats

2 Coats, with flash. Holo looks great huh!

And one final picture, I find that flash make the lumpiness look not so bad :P
So, texture aside, the lasting power on this one is very weak. It started chipping after like... 2 days, when normal polishes last a week on me. Maybe because it's a holo? Well, it's holo glitter, it's not holo. Lol idk :P
All in all, I like this color, but I dont LOVE it enough to wear it regularly.
What do you think?


  1. So pretty! I agree, gritty is not my thing either, but I wonder if top coat will sort that out

    1. After topcoat, it doesn't feel gritty, but it still looks gritty );

  2. I find lots of glitter if worn alone chip really easily... maybe it's the suspension base?

  3. I want this color but live in Canada and we literally get nothing ,the Plaines clothes the most boring plain jane make up and nailpolish I'm so sick of red and beige seriously if you don't like this polish that much I'll buy it off ya? I wouldn't be able to buy this brand otherwise email me if you like


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