Sunday, February 3, 2013

Color Club Winter Affair Duo: Gift of Sparkle and Anon Glitter Swatches and Review. Prizes of Jenni :3

Hi my sweethearts! Soooo, I have a really special post for you guys today! It's another giveaway prize from the lovely Jenni of I Relish Nail Polish. 2nd time! I'm one LUUUCKY girl :D I just wanna say thank you Jenni (:

So let me show you guys some swatches and then show the amazing packaging she used :3

In the below pictures, I have 2 coats of Gift of Sparkle and 1 coat of Glitter on my ring and thumb.
Artificial Lighting

Natural Lighting

Gift of Sparkle is a very dense and thick glitter polish consisting of dark purple, red, and sparse holo glitter suspended in a slighting plum tinted base.
This is one coat of Gift of Sparkle.
 And this Anonymous glitter is anonymous because Color Club's duos always dont have names.... And I couldn't find this glitter listed anywhere in the Winter Affair collection, but oh well, I forgive Color Club because its GORGEOUS. Seriously, I can't even describe it, it's like little hexagonal iridescent glitter that flashes from orange/light pink to teal/blue. OMG LOVE.

I think the bottle would give a better idea of the effect. SOOO PRETTY.

All in all, I love this duo! Although Gift of Sparkle is a bit thick, I think it's worth it because the glitter is so dense. And that holo! You all know I love holos :3 Hehehe, and the Iridescent glitter's formula is very nice too, nice amount of glitter for each coat, no need to fish or anything like that. And a plus? THEY'RE SOOOO SPARKLY.
Direct sunlight! Blurred to show you how sparkley it is!!!

Bottle shot :3
And now, let me amaze you with the adorable packaging! Along with bubblewrapping everything, she even wrapped the individual polishes with tissue! How considerate! Thanks Jenni :D


Hand written note! :3333
Jenni, you're such a sweetheart! I'm so glad to have made a friend like you through blogging. Honestly, that's the best part of blogging: being able to know so many amazing people and build bonds. Thank you guys so much! c:
Love, Christine.


  1. What a great bottle shot of the glitter. You can see the whole spectrum of color reflecting off the glitter. It is a shame that color club did not label the bottles... the polishes look very nice on you. I am so glad you are enjoying them!

    1. The glitter is gorgeous! Thank you so much, Jenni <3

  2. Those look amazing together!

  3. I'm sorry for this link to my blog xD
    I read this 'Just, no linking to your blogs please!' later...


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