Sunday, January 20, 2013

Amway Magnetic Nail Polish: Artistry Swatches and Review

Happy Sunday guys! I'm trying to sneak a post in before I go to dance class at 12, haha. I have a really pretty purple magnetic to share with you guys today. It's from Amway's beauty line, Artistry. My mom is an IBO, so she often buys new products for us to try out. I believe this came out with the new holiday line of Artistry and it also came with a Light-Up Lip Gloss in Confetti, which I'll swatch and review if you guys want me to!

So, let's get on with the pictures!
1 coat with magnet applied.

As I said in the previous post, magnetic nail polishes remind me of 3-D boards :P And this one is a really gorgeous one too! The smoky purple, when magnet is applied, turns into a very dark maroon color, which produces those waves you see. The packaging of this is really similar to the ones from Color Club, circular with magnets attached to the lids.

Doesn't have a name .___.
 Formula on this was great, it wore for a good week! Very easy to apply, and like most magnetic nail polishes, one coat opacity. Love this <3 p="p">Alllll right, hope you enjoyed today's post! Let me know what your favorite magnetic polish is in the comments! Love you guys, ttyl! :3

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