Friday, August 17, 2012

Embarrassing Gradient

Okay... I have to confess, this is my FIRST time EVER, to do gradient nails. And... I suck. Hahhaha, I had on the Cinderella polish from last time, and had some tip wear so I decided to cover it up! But the result isn't as good as I had hoped....

Gradient was with a nameless F21 purple glitter, ring finger was a glitter sandwich with Revlon Radiant, or Blue Mosaic, I think they recently changed the name, and pinky is Color Club Sky High topped with an Anna Sui Glitter.
Sorry about the chip on my ring finger near the cuticle hahah, a piece of glitter was stuck there and I just HAD to pick it off.

Well... It's a decent first try, I guess! Oh and I have to add, my camera does NOT capture the beauty of Sky High... I wish you can see the pretty duochrome of it! I'll do a more detailed review and swatch for you guys! <3


  1. I agree, it's a more than decent first time ^^ Don't give up; practice makes perfect, as they say. Plus some polishes work better than others... And as an emergence solution, you can use a third and darker polish in your tips, it always helps!

    1. Haha, thanks! Yea, I need to try the three color method some time :3


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