Monday, August 13, 2012

Sinful Colors Cinderella

So here's the color for today! A beautiful light sky blue with pink/gold shimmer! It has that TEENIEST bit of green in there, soo pretty!~

One coat

Two coats, excuse my lobster hands lol I had to edit the pic a little to make the polish color more true to life
Three coats
This polish definitely is thin, and is somewhat streaky, like how lighter colors all tend to be, but this one takes a bit more effort to make it look nice. You can settle for three coats if you like, but I went for four because there were still blotches of unevenness when at three hahaha.
Four coats
My camera was being very stubborn... Just decided not to pick up any green undertones to this polish ): It's a gorgeous color though, and the shimmer in it makes it THAT much prettier <3 Lasts quite nicely too, I got nearly a week of wear with very minor tip wear!

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