Monday, August 27, 2012

Sinful Colors: Cloud Nine & Pull Over

Hi my sweethearts! I have two swatches for you today! I just recently picked these babies up at a Walgreens when they were on sale for $0.99 each! And yes, I have heard the recent controversy about Sinful taking copyrighted pictures for its own use... being a blogger myself, I am STRONGLY against that, but it seems Revlon has taken care of this issue, and properly appologized to those bloggers. Good job, Revlon, props. Anyway, let's get to the polishes.

Here is Pull Over, a gorgeous orange based sunny yellow, the formula of which is... not so good. Take a look:

3 Coats

One Coat of Pull Over
2 Coats

Guess what? EXACT SAME COLOR AS A NO. 2 PENCIL! Not those super awesome Ticonderoga ones, the rather cheap ones. And now I will forever think of pencils when I paint my nails this color. But that's okay because the formula on this will make me think twice about wearing it. It's really streaky... As you can tell by the 1 coat picture. But it's a yellow... So I can forgive it. Just a little bit. I guess this color would be great to wear to school on those days you have to take a Scantron Test with a No. 2 pencil :D

Next color we have is Cloud 9, a gorgeous medium orange jelly base filled with loads of golden shimmer. This polish is amazing!
1 Coat, and whoops, didn't notice there was a piece of string on my nail hahaha. And apparently my camera doesn't like to focus on more than one finger.... .___.

Blurred a bit to capture the amount of shimmer! Gorgeous :3 These are all 3 coats, and I think it's perfect that way
The formula on this was definitely a lot nicer than Pull Over, the shimmer made it smoother and not so streaky.It also has that mixture between a creme base and a jelly base, so it makes your nails look really squishy! Which I like :D

That's it for today~ Thanks for stopping by! KISSES FOR YOU ALL :****


  1. With shimmer it is quite lovely

  2. I actually really like the color of Pull Over. Its not so in your face yellow, too bad about the formula.

    1. Yes! No. 2 pencil yellow! hahha, I know... such a shame about the formula ):

  3. Lol! Love that you are holding no. 2 pencils!! Lovely yellow :D


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