Sunday, April 16, 2017

Simple Easter Pastel Drybrush Art

Hi guys! Happy Easter! Hope you guys all had a great weekend. Today I have a very simple Easter inspired pastel dry brush mani to share with you guys. Extremely simple! For those who don't know, drybrushing is wiping off most of the polish from your brush and then painting your nails for an abstract stroke look. Let's take a look :3

I started off first with two coats of Ella+Mila Pistache. It's a creamy minty green, the formula is pretty nice, reached a nice opacity and consistency with two coats.

Next, I just picked out 3 colors, a white, a pink, and an orange/yellow to do some random strokes, and here's how they turned out! I used Formula X Brazen, Formula X White Matter, and Sinful Colors Pullover.

What do you guys think? Are you guys a fan of this technique? Thanks for reading and have a fantastic rest of your day!


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