Saturday, April 1, 2017

Classy Mauve Pedicure

Hellooooo, I'm back with something I've never done on here before: a pedicure!
I usually don't like to show my toes because I think feet are gross LOL..... But I did them earlier, and it turned out pretty nice, and also APRIL FOOLS DAY SO WHY THE HELL NOT.

Here's what they look like. My pinky toes look a little fucked up LOL. I tried xD
I used two coats of the Wet n Wild polish as a base color, and it's very beautiful and creamy! Honestly could've gotten away with one coat, but I used two just for more opacity. I stamped my big toe with a Bundle Monster Plate #12, shown below, freehanded some stripes and triangles, and added a layer of glitter on the ring toe. Doesn't really show up much though.

 These are the polishes I used.
Wet n Wild Stay Classy, Kiss Nail Art White and Silver Stripers, Spoiled by Wet n Wild I Gotta Confection to Make.

Bundle Monster plate #12. I do enjoy these designs, but haven't played around with too many of them.

Okay that's it for today! Let me know what you think of this design, and whether or not you think feet are gross LOL CUZ I DO.

Thanks for reading! Until next time,


  1. Beautiful design and oh I love the shoes! They look so cute! :)

  2. Well they look gorgeous, and your feet are pretty


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