Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Month-Long Vacation to Shanghai ~

Long time no see, sweethearts! I've been on vacation hehehe, in Shanghai! Let me just get this out there : it was so hot omg i can't even. But nonetheless, I had a great time! I lived with my BFF since preschool, and she took me around~ Let me show you some pictures! :D
No photoshopping whatsoever, btw. Except for the effects hahha, getting more and more lazy....

 That's my best friend! Hehehhe, we were on the metro to the train station to go to Nanjing. And GOODNESS it's sooooo crowded .____. But nonetheless, still have time and space to camwhore ;) Wearing my boyfriend's hat heehhe and brown circle lenses! I feel like I have the tendency to WANT to wear these in Asia because everyone wears them lol. Anyway, we went to eat crayfish! :D
 I don't think I've told you guys before, but I hate seafood. HATE seafood. Especially shellfish. They make me feel nauseous just by looking at them lol. But I love love, LOVE crayfish! Idk why, they just taste so good to me @____@ People always tell me that they're really dirty because they live in muddy water and what not, but hey, our chickens live in their own feces. Beat that.

Yuanyuan (my bff) also took me to 东方明珠! I think in English it's the Pearl of the Orient, and we went to the other side of the river to Hyatt, and I took a picture! The scenery is gorgeous, and I'm sure it's even better at night. Must be so romantic!

Hehehhe, seeing these pictures just makes me happy all over again~ The next picture is taken when we were on our way to play pool/billiards. And you know, must be a lot of hot guys right? ;) So of course I had to wear my heels! But in case you didn't know this, I'm 5'9" and with these 4 inch heels I'm 6'1". And Yuanyuan said she felt like a midget beside me that day! Hahahha, quite funny actually because most of my friends are pretty short, but I still loooooooove them :-* Oh and btw, LOOK AT MY LEGS. Freaking mosquito bites everywhere..... why must they all target me )';

Okay, another story-time. So when my boyfriend came to Shanghai to visit me, he brought along a few friends, and one of them is called DC. Sooo, Yuanyuan fell in love with him the minute she saw him looool, it was pretty funny because right before we're about to sleep, she would always talk about how hot DC is, how gangster his mohawk looked, and how she loves tall chubby guys. Hahaha, so as a friend, I had to help get them together ;) I invited DC to hangout, and he treated us to Korean BBQ! So yummy but so damn expensive .___. Well, I didn't pay, but I still felt bad for his wallet hahah. Anyway, after lunch, we went to Karaoke! I was basically the only one singing lol :P So after we went home, DC told me he had feelings for me o___o Holy fffff whyyyy?!? I guess my match-making skills aren't that great... Anyway, at one point, Yuanyuan thought of me as her rival LOL but we got over it, because nothing can come between best friends like us!

Oh and I forgot to mention that we went for hotpot at night! Lots of weird food .__. Like the pink squiggly thing, that's goose intestine, and that red rose thingy is duck stomach... They all tasted amazing though! Love the food in China~

When we went shopping the other day, we came across a box of "DIY Donuts"! And the picture on the packaging made it look so nice, so we decided to take it home to try, but guess what? The instructions are in Japanese....... But thank God there were pictures lol xD
Btw that white stuff is not what you think it is...... it's icing .___.
 Right before I came back to the States, we went to an amusement park~ And of course we had to go on the Merry Go Round! I love horsies~ We also went on the Ferris Wheel, and the scenery of the lake at night is gorgeous! All the lights against the pitch black sky is so artistic.

There were so many indescribable experiences, and I had so much fun in China, I can't possibly begin to put that all down on something so flat like a blog. I love traveling, especially with friends! So next time you guys travel, give Shanghai a thought~

So now that I'm back, I'll be going to Washington to visit my grandparents one more time before they leave for China. More reviews and swatches and what not will be coming shortly! Hopefully next week~ Talk to you guys then!