Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wet n Wild Megalast Sugar Coat and 2% Milk Comparisons then Rhinestoned Mani!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I'm extremely happy today because I got my acceptance to University of Washington! Such an honor, they have a BEAUTIFUL campus, and not to mention, extremely close to where my dad lives too! So, definitely one of my top choices (:
As for today's post, I have a natural mani I wore to my dance competition that I want to show you guys. It features two very VERY similar polishes, Wet n Wild Megalast Sugar Coat, a very light lavender based pink jelly, and 2% Milk, a very light more beige toned nude jelly. In all the pictures below, I have on 2 coats of 2% Milk on all fingers except my ring finger which I have on 2 thick coats of Sugar Coat.

I feel that this picture captures how much more opaque Sugar Coat is!

Again, captures difference in opacity and also undertones.
 Below are pictures without the rhinestones haha :P You can definitely tell that Sugar Coat is more opaque, but honestly, their differences are VERY minute.

This is 1 coat under natural lighting. Looks almost identical, except for opacity.
 Here in the bottle, they look extremely different, you can see the more beige color of 2% Milk better in it's bottle, but it doesn't really translate onto the nail because it's a very sheer color.

All in all, I honestly think I don't need both of these, one is good enough haha. For me, the opacity at 2 coats is perfect because it gives a clean look without looking like I'm trying too hard, thanks to the slightly visible nail line.
That's it for today's posts, my sweethearts! Hope you're all having a fantastic week! Personally, I just wish March and April can just fly past, because 1) I'm so sick of highschool hahhaa, I have really bad senioritis! and 2) my beloved Jack哥哥, whom I mentioned a bit here, is coming back at the end of April and I can't wait! Heheheh, I'm off to do some homework now! Can't slack off, or I can't graduate :P
Byebye my lovelies~


  1. Congratulations on your acceptance! How exciting :D and I love those polishes, so creamy and elegant

    1. Hehehhe, thank you! Yup, definitely elegant! Reminds me of something I would like to wear for my wedding <3

    2. Yes! You'll have your something blue with the diamantes hehe

  2. Oh so soft and sweet nails design.


  3. Ah, they are lovely nails you have there lady. And massive congratulations! HOW EXCITING!!!!! xxx

  4. I wish I had long nails like yours :/ xx

  5. Oooh how pretty! The soft classy color looks fantastic on you, and I like the cute rhinestones you added! :-)

    ~ Yun

  6. beautiful! i also love your shape of nails =D
    and congratulations to the acceptance :)

  7. Congratulations!!! I remember senoiritis! Hang in there, it goes by faster than you think, plus this is the best time, prom is coming up and beach week. You have so much to look forward to. I have to say 18-22 were the years I truly enjoyed the most and would love to re-live those.

  8. Very classy and yet still fun with the rhinestones!

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  10. Thank you for this! I was just about to buy both haha and I was like do I really need both?


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