Tuesday, March 12, 2013

OPI DS Opulence Reswatched!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm just living my March day by day hoping I get acceptances from colleges!
Today I have a preswatched polish for you guys called DS Opulence by OPI. I did a post about it before, here, but I don't think I did this polish justice. Honestly, it is one of my go-to polishes because it's safe and toned down, but at the same time, really sparkly and special! Such an amazing shapeshifter (: Lets get straight into it!

Opulence is a muted rose/mauve with speckles of shimmer in the shade/ indoor light, but under direct light, it turns into this gorgeous medium-deep rose with beautiful multi sized holo shimmer!
Middle finger 1 coat, rest two coats of DS Opulence, with flash. Look at that holo!
 One of the reasons I love this polish, the beautiful subtle holo shimmer! *o*

And here in the bottle, you can see a slight green duochrome, which is only apparent on the nails when you tilt it at extreme angles.

A bit of the green duochrome.
 Below, I will show you some more pictures of this polish in the shade, so you can really see how neutral/wearable it seems.

And then BAM, sunlight again~~~

Hehehe, I get so happy whenever I talk about this polish because 1) It reminds me of Jenni, and 2) My mom loves this polish as much as I do haha, beautiful beautiful beautiful polish (:
So glad to conclude a day talking about my favorite polish, makes me so happyyyy~
Thanks for reading, my lovelies~ I'll talk to you next time! :D


  1. ^^ it's so beautiful!
    I love this shining shimmer :)

  2. Love the idea of reswatching! I've been thinking about doing it to some of my polishes! Looks great as always!

    1. Yes, I'm planning to do more reswatching haha, thank you! <3

  3. Opulence looks gorgeous on you! And good luck with colleges! :)

  4. This nail polish looks gorgeous! x

  5. Oh my gosh your nails are amazing! i love OPI too <3 x

  6. By the way, thank you for the comment on my blog post.
    You were the first one on my blog! :) Yaayyy xxxx

  7. Wow, the fourth photo looks so different from the others! Very interesting effect this polish has!

    1. Yes! This polish is suuuch a shapeshifter, part of the reason why I love it so much <3

  8. Wow, it looks really-really shimmery! *o* I can totally see why you like it so much!

  9. Awh I love the sparkles! ^^ The colour seems quite easy to match with clothes too. Win! hehe <3

  10. wow this color looks great! and i love your nails, they look so good and have a great shape :)
    i also wanted to thank you for your nice comments ♥ wish you luck for the acceptances! ;)


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