Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hard Candy: Crush on Copper Swatches and Review

Hi my little sweethearts! Long time no talk! I've been so busy registering for college preview nights and booking tickets and all that stuff... So much work lol. So I was at Walmart a couple weeks ago to check out the new Hard Candy collection, but I only picked up one polish. Mostly because they were almost sold out of everything else hahahah. The one I chose is called Crush on Copper, it's a gorgeous gold-based metallic copper shade. The particles are quite big, giving it lots of reflect and shine. Not to mention that it's also a one-coater!!! :D

All pictures below are one coat polish without topcoat.

This is under flash, look at how the particles shine! 
 Sad thing though, these started chipping the next day... And when  I started to remove them, look what I discovered!
Gold particles under the copper! Adds so much dimension to this polish :3
I really enjoy this polish, and I've gotten so many compliments! From guys too! Surprising huh? Hahaha, I love the mirror like finish of it, it's really shiny and reflective in real life, especially under direct light! I'm so glad that I got to pick this polish up, and can't wait to try the others from this line hehehe
That's it for today's post! Hope you're all having a wonderful day 


  1. This polish is great. I have to resist the urge to head to walmart on a daily basis!

  2. Gorgeous nails! I love them.

  3. Add blue glitter! Zoya has some metallic foil polishes that this reminds me of.

  4. This is such a pretty color on you! I still haven't seen these in stores, but I'm keeping an eye out. :-)

    ~ Yun


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