Friday, March 29, 2013

Fashion Friday: Casual Movie Outfit :P Denim, Lace, and Sweats!

YAAAYYYYY it's the first day of my spring break :D So of course, I had to celebrate by going out and watching a movie! My boyfriend took me to see GI Joe, and I didn't watch the first of the series, so I was extremely confused, and thus, I napped LOL. What a waste of a $15 movie ticket! But anyway, I just wanted to post my outfit for you guys to see hehehe~

 So I layered a lace back light-washed denim top over a basic maroon cami. Lace back after all... can't be too revealing! And plus, I think the maroon really complements the light blue denim :3

I've had this pair of black sweats for a really long time actually, I wear them to dance on my lazy days when I don't want to wear yoga pants and stuff hahaha :P This pair is really comfy, and surprisingly warm! And I love it because they taper down into a skinny-ish leg. I don't really like those sweats with the abrupt line of elastic at the end lol.
Maroon cami - Wet Seal (I have them in like every single color lol)
Denim Top - TJ Maxx, the brand is called Sans Souci
Shoes - Baby Phat
Necklace from Taobao.

And one last camwhore pic :P

Alright, I've had a quite fun day today hehehhe, to my fellow highschoolers, hope you enjoy your break! And to those more diligent adults, enjoy your weekend!~~~
Lots of Love,


  1. Love this casual outfit! You look a little like a break dancer. Hehe, the lace is beaut! ^^

    1. Awww, hehehe, can't breakdance but I can pretend! :D

  2. You are such a good sport to go and see GI Joe!! LOL! I hope your boyfriend paid for your ticket.


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