Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Casual With a Touch of Edge~ Featuring Michael Kors Cowlneck Shirt :3

Hi everyone! :D I'm in a really good mood today because 1) I volunteered 2) I got my paycheck 3) I practiced piano so I feel productive 4) I talked to 哥哥 and 5) I have a post to publish today! WHEEEE.
Anyway, hyperness aside, I want to share this outfit with you guys. I like it because it has contrasting colors, lace, pleather, and studs! YUMMM :3

Pleather pants with knitted panels inside the legs. I've had these for a bit now, and they're starting to stretch out at the waist so I HAVE to wear a belt now ): But oh well, I still like them! Makes me feel badass :D And I have to apologize because I cut off all the tags on these because they were bothering me, so I can't tell you what brand/where they're from D: SORRY!

I really love the cowl neck style of this shirt because it adds lots of dimension and depth to your look without having to layer tons of stuff over it. And plus, this shirt has triangular and circular studs on the shoulders! :D Loooove it :3 It's also quite a thin material so you can wear it all year round!

Loool, and I wore blue earrings because I wanted to match it with the blue cami I had underneath xD

Top - Michael Kors (Size M if anyone is wondering. A bit loose and baggy on me still.)
Jewelery - Wet Seal (Bracelets are from this haul)
Leopard Ring - F21
Fringe Boots - F21

And one last camwhore pic before I go, just cuz I really like my hair today :P

Heheheh, okay, that's the end of today's post! Hope you guys are having a great week so far! I'm still enjoying my Spring Break~~~
Love you all,


  1. Love this outfit!
    Ive been meaning to get some pants like this for ages now!!

    xx Brooke

  2. Hey sexxy laady! ;) Looking lovely girlie!

  3. You look gorgeous. Love this outfit.

  4. Love these photos! You look awesome in all of them, and tall too!

  5. u look great!! in love with ur top!! And jealous of ur long pretty hair:))

  6. You have a great figure :) Amazing boots <33

  7. You look so beautiful! I have already followed You and I invite You to my blog :)

  8. you do look badass! great accessories and color combos :)

  9. thanks for stopping by blog dear !!!!!!!
    hav a nice day


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