Friday, June 30, 2017

Abstract Shattered Pink Holographic Foil Nails

Hellooo sweetie buns!
 I had some trouble coming up with a name for this look haha. I got a whole bag of foils the other day, so I felt like doing some sort of  mani with them. I first layed down a coat of Wet n Wild Sugar Coat, then I did everything else on top.

For my middle finger, I put down a layer of the foil and jelly sandwiched it with Sugar Coat again. I love how it turns hot pink!

For my ring finger and thumb, I sponged on Sally Hansen's Strobe Light, a beautiful light pink glitter with larger holo glitters. Love how this shines!

So I'm not too sure about how the looks, because someone commented that it looks like I scratched some of the foil off hahaha. But a part of me still thinks this looks like shattered glass and likes the distressed look.
Let me know what you guys think!

Thank you for reading heh

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