Friday, May 19, 2017

Some Julep Nail Polish Swatches! Free 12pc Box~

ALLLLRIGHTTT. You guys ready for a swatchfest? I've been swatching these for a while now haha, but I wanted to have a whole compilation before I post them. So here they are FINALLY. Ready? Ok.

So I made an order on Julep's website, and I received this free 12pc box. It came in such pretty packaging!

So first off, we have Valerie. This is two coats. This is one of the Juleps I had already owned in my collection, but I thought hey might as well include it here with the rest of them. Beautiful deep green with gold and lime flecks. Great formula!

2 coats of Julep Valerie

Next we have two coats of Jean, I LOVE THIS COLOR. Idk why but I'm just really drawn to darker colors, and this one is absolutely gorgeous. Very shiny and very squishy looking, I could've went with 3 coats to add a bit more opacity though.

2 Coats of Julep Jean

2 Coats of Julep Jean

This one is called Pepper. A pretty unique shade but dammit. This. Formula. Sucks. Very thin and runny. I actually find a lot of Julep polishes to be this way, but this one pooled around my cuticles like crazy.... Two coats and still visible nail line so I guess I should've done three xD
2 coats Julep Pepper

2 coats Julep Pepper

This next one is one that I don't really like. This is 2 coats of Magdalene. Formula is slightly runny, and this color just doesn't look good on me. It's a chrome, not a duochrome, just a plain chrome. Very bright peacock color.
2 Coats Julep Magdalene

 Next is two coats of Sara. This is a very dusty dark blue, it looks more like the color in the bottle, I just couldn't capture it well. Formula is thin and runny, cuticle pooling :(

This one is very interesting! It's called Trisha, I layered it over the next color. This is a beautiful gold flakie, soooo gorgeous. It's one coat on my ring finger and a gradient on my others. Definitely very unique.

Alright, last one is Suzanne. This is beautiful, almost a one coater. A tomato red with gold shimmers, this reminds me of a phoenix! Love this color.

2 Coats of Julep Suzanne
I still have a couple more that I need to swatch, but here are most of them! I also have three in a giveaway that can be found on my instagram @steamiexo. Follow me for future giveaways!

So my final thoughts on Julep= ehh. They're okay. They have some beautiful polishes and their scent is quite pleasing, but most of them are just really runny and thin.

Thank you for reading! Until next time!


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