Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pretty Necklace from Oasap and New Haircut Preview-ish :P

The weekend's almost over! D: But I just got my hair cut, and also received a package from Oasap so I'm a happy girl :P The package they sent me had a sweater and a necklace, and for today's post, I will be reviewing the Exquisite Elegant Necklace with Embroidered Design.

This necklace is a old dusty antique gold, which I really like! Gold looks way better on me than silver :P The detailing is also very intricate, lots of small details. The only question I had though, was that you can see there are five pieces of metal connected to make up this necklace. The first and second piece from the right aren't connected at the bottom, while the pieces from the left are. I think it might be intentional, because the pictures online are like that too. Idk, I just think it's a bit odd, so I wanted to tell you guys that haha.

It has a classic easy grasp hook closure, and it is very convenient to adjust lengths because the hook fits into all the little rings down the chain. Fit for those with big necks and also skinny ones! I usually wear it with 5-6 rings into the chain.

Heheh, and here is a picture of my new hairstyle! I think my hair stylist cut off around 5 inches. Super short now >.< Not used to having my head feel so light haha, but I really love it! Makes me feel young and fresh :P

Anyway, back to the necklace. I really love the shape and I think it would look great on low cut shirts as well as underneath collars! The detailing on it is very pretty too can definitely see it as one of my favorites! Very versatile piece also, because of the antique gold. However, it is $13.00 and I do find it a little bit overpriced. It's a gorgeous necklace, though but the lack of a connector between the top two pieces of metal on the right side is a bit strange hahaha. Therefore, I give this necklace a:
If you are interested in this necklace, you can find it here, and please go ahead and check out the other beautiful jewelry products that Oasap has to offer! Free Worldwide shipping, what's more to ask? :P

That's it for today's post, sweeties, talk to you next time! 


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Pastel Leopard~

Hi my sweetie pies! Hope you're all having a wonderful Saturday! I definitely am, because I went out last night with my girlfriends and had a blast! So today, I want to show you guys this manicure I had on for the past week:

Yay leopard print nails! :D And since it's spring, I felt like using some of my pastels:
China Glaze Dance Baby, F21 Nameless Shimmery Black, Sinful Colors Cinderella
 I first put on 3 coats of Cinderella to achieve an opaque baby blue, and two coats of Dance Baby, although it was already pretty opaque at one. Then I just made random shaped dots on my nails, and omg. It looked horrible looool.

Eeeks! Looks like some kind of pastel sea monster lol
 But after I went around the dots with the shimmery black, it actually started to look like leopard prints! YAY :D

And lastly, here is a picture with flash to show you the beautiful pink/orange specks in Cinderella! There's a reason it's my FAAAVORITE blue, you know (;

Heheheh, that's it for this short post! I'm off to get a haircut, keeping my fingers crossed that it will turn out well!
Love you guys,


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beautiful Sunny San Diego: USD Trip, Sad Sad ):

Hello my sweetiecakes! It's been a while since we last talked, sorry for being so busy! AP Tests are coming up and I'm still trying to pull up my grades hahaha, being a second semester senior sucks, absolutely no motivation at all :P So as you all know, I went to Washington a few weeks ago, but I also went to San Diego! Haven't posted these pictures for you guys because I'm actually really sad ): Tell you more about it later! First, I just want to show you guys my outfit that day~

 You have no idea how happy I was to see a full length mirror! Makes outfit shots so much easier :P

Pink Bodycon Skirt: Forever 21
Chiffon Skull Blouse: Agaci
Neon Pink Trimmed Gray Cardigan: Charlotte Russe (Got on Black Friday for $10 or $15 I forgot lol)
Striped Sandals: Claire's (in Canada)

So after camwhoring, I happily drove with my dad to USD! :D Sadly, the day of my orientation was a cloudy day in San Diego D: But anyway, University of San Diego is located 25 minutes away from Mexico and 15 minutes away from San Diego Zoo and Aquarium! Wonderful location, no? When we first stepped in, we saw this billboard. And I was REALLY confused. Can you tell why?
It's because April 12th isn't a Saturday! It's a Friday!
 Lol, I guess we're all human after all xD I followed the crowd to the courtyard, and there are beautiful palm trees and shrubbery all over. The buildings also have that antique classic feel to them. So pretty~~~

 There was lots of food and drinks provided to us, and the people there were super friendly! Also, it wasn't as crowded as UDUB because USD is a private school and has only about 6,000 students while UDUB has like 30,000 LOL. So after food, they took us on a brief campus/residence hall tour and the greenery is just too pretty!

This building is USD's logo, but ironically, it's a church that doesn't belong to USD HAHAHA. Gorgeous nevertheless!

 Love the colors and the intricate designs on the buildings! Such a breathtaking school. And also, has a variety of flowers!
 But the most bizarre kind I found were the "Flamingo Flowers" that was proudly named by yours truly.
 They look like little chicken with fluff on top! Do any of you guys actually know the real name of this species?

Okay, so back to why I'm sad. USD's ranking is 92 worldwide, while UDUB is 16. So obviously, my parents would want me to attend a better school for my future! I was originally really hesitant, because I really did fall in love with USD already, I did so much research about their classes and schoollife and etc, but my dad (being the super awesome business man he is) bribed me with a new car looool. He said if I go to Washington, he'll pay for my tuition, meaning I don't have to take out loans! YAY :D, and also buy me a new car hahaha.

So all in all, weighing each school's benefits, I went with UDUB. Actually S. I. R-ed already last night. Oh well, both are gorgeous schools, and I found that Washington has a dance team! :D So can't be that bad right (:
Okay, that's it for today's post! Thank you all for reading


Friday, April 19, 2013

Fashion Friday: Laid Back Casual Look Featuring Pink Knit Hat From Miako~

Happy Friday, my sweet little pumpkins! I have another outfit post to share with you guys, and the key item in this outfit, the pink knitted hat is sponsored by the lovely Miako store, which I talked about a few posts back. California weather is bipolar! SO HOT during the day, and super cold in the mornings and at night! Which is why I chose this cute knit hat~

I love how toned down this pink is! It's a muted mauve/peach undertoned pink, so it's very wearable and easy to match!

The knitting is done very loosely, giving it a very lightweight and slouchy feel. Love it! And also, the end of the hat is a very small line, unlike other hats out there that have thick bands at the end. I don't like those! They make my hair super flat =3=

And here is a close up of the little ball of yarn at the top of the hat. One of my favorite things about this hat! I have to apologize a bit though, my camera can't really capture the real color of this hat in indoor lighting, so the most color accurate pictures are the ones where I'm outside!

Shirt from Venice Beach California
Parachute Pants from a local store in China
Green Leopard Bandeau from Tilly's
Leopard Ring and Chain Bracelet: Forever 21
All in all, I would give this adorable hat a:
It fits my huge head very well, and those with smaller heads can use bobby pins to secure if it feels loose! Love the color and knitting on it, and most of all, the ball of yarn! Such an adorable piece, I can definitely see myself wearing this everyday in the winter!

If you guys would like to check out more awesome products at an inexpensive price, here's Miako!

That's it for today's post~ Thank you guys for reading, and I'll talk to you guys again very soon! :D


All opinions and ideas are 100% truthful and my own. I'm not paid to provide false reviews to my beloved readers!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Quick Budget Outfit #1: Sweet and Girly Look for $68.97!

Hi everyone! Today I want to start introducing a series of looks called Budget Outfits! I'm going to put together a couple of different outfits for under $75.00! So for today's look, I did something sweet and feminine, featuring my favorite pair of heels~~~

Max & Riley Lace Top Dress- Got at Marshalls for $16.99
Forever 21 Sequined Shag Half Length Sleeve Jacket - Got on sale for $9.99
Princess by Vera Wang Pink Bow Heels-  Kohl's for $26.99
Accessories from various stores- I'm guessing $15 for bracelets, ring, and hair bow. 

Love the keyhole back and the pleating at the waist! Really flattering~

A bit of a close up on the gold rimmed ivory buttons. Very classic.

So, the grand total of this look is.....
$68.97!!! Not bad, not bad at all! The jacket is actually really soft, such a deal :P The heels were the most expensive part of the look, but I love them (:

Finally, one close up shot of my face hahah, natural makeup~ Mostly just eyeliner and mascara, because I was going out that day and was in a rush lol! You can also see the sequins on my jacket and my accessories a bit more closely~
Super natural look hehe, no falsies~
Okay, that's it for today's post darlings~~~ Hope you're all having a wonderful week so far! I know I have, hehe :P
Thanks for reading,


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Trip to Seattle Part 2: UDUB~~~

Continued from part 1! Sorry it took me a week to post part 2 hahaha, school was being a b!tch after I missed two days... So much homework! AP Chem test, AP Chem hw, Senior Project Presentation, AP Lit In-Class essay ALL DUE LAST FRIDAY. WTF. Anyway, I'll stop complaining about school and start writing this (: So last monday was the college preview day for UDUB, or University of Washington. It started at 1 so my dad took me to Costco to pick up some groceries, and I have a not properly focused outfit pic for you guys hahaha :P

Black Heeled Booties: Forever 21
Exotic Printed Pants: Target (got it on sale for like... $8?!?)
Sequined Sweater: Forever 21
Chiffon Tank with Pearlized Peter Pan Collar: TJ Maxx
Jacket is from my dance school (:

So after spending an hour developing pictures and shopping at Costco, Dad finally took me to UDUB. When we first walk in, we were welcomed by a breathtaking sight:
Isnt it gorgeous??? Stunning pink petals contrasting against the fresh green grass and bright blue sky, wow, this is heaven *o*

Look at how beautiful those cherry blossoms are! Such a sweet shade of pink, color is more accurate in the first picture. April is the perfect time because all the blossoms have blossomed and not yet started to die out yet! Super pretty :3 Then I went into the HUB, which is basically like a courtyard. Nothing much to see, just a building.

UDUB's mascot is a husky, my favorite kind of dog! So of course, I had to take a picture with this adorable statue figurine thing :P

So after getting into the building, I was taken on a housing tour, which we explored all the available dorms and such. Sadly though, they're really small.....

 Basically, the left side of the picture is like the edge of the room lol. There's also a very small closet and bathroom. That's the only nice thing, I like private bathrooms. Would hate to have to share a communal ): After many tours of residence halls, I was slightly disappointed haha. Love the campus, but don't like what's inside.

So because the tour day was so unorganized and boring( basically you walk around campus yourself...) , I told my dad that I wanted to go home after the residence hall tours, and he was okay with it. We walked back, and just as we were about to get on our car, look what we found! :D

 Adorable little squirrel eating trash xD hahaha so cute :3
So this concludes my short little update on UDUB. I'm probably not going to go, because I've fallen in love with USD, University of San Diego. More on that in future posts!
Thank you guys for reading~

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Quick Nail Post: China Glaze Hunger Games Riveting and Electrified Gradient

Hello my sweethearts~ I'm just going to take a quick break from some make-up homework and write up a quick nail of the week post for you guys. During my stay at Washington, I had these nails on:

The below pic is taken from my phone, so the color is a bit off. Just wanted to show you guys a fuller picture of what this mani looks like (:

It's a sweet and simple glitter gradient with two China Glaze colors I got from their Hunger Games collection last year: Riveting and Electrified. Riveting is a gorgeous deep orange filled with sparkling gold bits that shimmer like crazy! I only used one coat of Riveting because it's such an opaque polish already! As you can probably tell from the below pics:

1 coat, I swear! Look at the gorgeous shimmer :D
 And here is a blurry pic with flash to show you how much shimmer is in here! You can also tell from the bottle that this polish sparkles like CRAZY under direct light! So gorgeous :3

I've gotten so many compliments on my nails already, but honestly it's the polish. Glittery and gorgeous, not to mention very smooth and easy to apply AND LASTS SUPER LONG! I'll definitely be doing more glitter gradients because they're so simple but eye-catching! And it makes people think I spent lots of time on my nails xD

Okay, that's it for the quick post~ I'm about to continue doing my homework now! Hump day tomorrow, hang in there, sweethearts :P


Cute Affordable Online Shop: Miako~

As you all know, I'm a sucker for fashion. Especially inexpensive and pretty clothes! But sometimes, these stores don't have much selection to develop your style with. This is when I stumbled upon Miako! Miako is a
"A cute online shop, by an asian-lover owner, who wishes to help anyone to get anything they want from Asian countries. 
We know that in places like Japan or Korea, there are a lot of interesting things difficult to get in other countries. So here, at Miako's you can get anything you want at the lowest price!"

Their layout is adorable, pink, polka dots, and cute little animals! :D Also, very easy to navigate. And, not to mention, they have free shipping! Some stores only provide free shipping to orders $50+, but Miako offers completely free shipping, how convenient~

Miako has a huge selection of clothing including this leopard shirt which caught my eye:
For only $13!!!! No wonder it's all sold out!
They also have really cute dresses too! *o*
Only $20!
Omg, you do not know how many times I've tried to use Taobao and fail because of the shipping and all the other complications, now finally a cute asian clothing store~ I'll definitely be shopping here more often, and if you guys have any questions or concerns, feel free to email them, they're SUPER FRIENDLY! Which makes me love them even more :P 

Alright sweethearts, go ahead and check them out, I'll see you guys in my next post :3
Christine ♥