Friday, November 29, 2013

Super Excited! Fortune Cookie Soap Box Winter 2013 + Video! :D

Hi everyone! I'm super excited to be sharing with you guys something that I've been really looking forward to receiving recently. And that's the Fortune Cookie Soap Box!!! Wheeeee~~ The theme of the winter box is Nightmare Before Christmas! And I'm suuuuch a sucker for Tim Burton movies :3 Let's get straight into the pictures!

So this is what the box looks like when you first open it:

Comes with a card with a gorgeous design up front and descriptions of the scents on the back~

So first, let's start with the Jack Bath Fizzy! It's in the shape of Jack's head, and it smells soooo delicious!
It has "notes of iced lemon and airy menthol, warmed by woodland moss and smashed cranberries". The lemon and the menthol are definitely the more overpowering scents, but not in a bad way! Super wintery scent, and I love it!

Next is the Sally Fortune Cookie Soap. This one smells the most typical to me: just plain clean laundry. It says "fresh breezes, fluttering white cotton and dry crackling leaves, held together by twine". This phrase totally makes me think of Sally hehehe and the design of the soap is super cute! But then again, the scent is just very clean cotton to me.

This next one is a super cool one! It's a hand sanitizer, but it has a bug in it! How ironic hahaha, and it smells really good too! Not super strong, but "a mix of winter berries against a backdrop of sweet muted cinnamon". The cinnamon isn't very noticeable when you smell it out of the bottle, but it definitely is pretty overpowering when you put this on your hands. I only have one complaint with this though, is that the bottle is very hard. Like, not easy to squeeze. But eh, I can get over it. Such a cute product!

Zero Dry Shampoo! My favorite little Halloween puppy hehehe, I love him so much that I have a doll of him sitting in my room this very moment! Anyway, this smells like "ghostly billows of sweet peppermint, with just the faintest whisper of pumpkin".

Okay, this was the one that I wasn't able to pinpoint in the video: Christmas Town Whipped Cream Body Butter. The scent is "blend of mulled fruits, followed by a crisp, green Douglas Fir middle-note darkened by warm patchouli, and musk". Smells just like Christmas! Reminds me of when I was young and my family actually bothered being "Christmassy".

This is the Lock, Shock, and Barrel Bath Melt. Just look at this guy's face! Hahaha, love it already! Smells like "frosted woods of pine and spruce, warmed with hints of spice". This one is also a very Christmassy scent, and I really like it. I think it's because of the woody tree scents that are in these products that make me love them so much!

Sandy Claws Exfoliating Body Butter. "Chocolate and Chai and Yumminess." I honestly don't smell chai at all, it's just pure milk chocolate to me! And this felt really moisturizing when I took it out with my hands, so I'm really excited about this one!

And laaaast but not least! The mystery scent! What's This Roll on Perfume! If you can guess this scent, then you can win a prize! I honestly suck at describing and knowing scents.... This one just smells very sweet and like food! With a little bit of berry in it hahaha, I wouldn't use this as a perfume though. Not a perfumy scent, but a room/house scent. I'm just leaving this out in my bathroom :P

Hehehe, that's it for this post! A very long one haha, but I'm super super happy about this :3 And also, making videos is really fun! Tell me if you guys like videos or not and I'll take that into account for next time~

Thanks for reading!
Love you guys~


  1. Wow, I'm so freaking jealous! I collect Nightmare Before Christmas merch haha it's one of my favorite movies!

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  6. you are too cute! your room is amazing! these stuff are cool!


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