Monday, August 26, 2013

My Current Obsession: Falltime and Yummy Smells!

Good afternoon my babycakes~ How was your week? I've been busy with orientation and class registration this whooooole week, and I was finally able to relax and do a little shopping yesterday. (: So there I was, casually strolling around in the mall, and I walked into Bath and Body Works. THEN THIS LITTLE ACORN CAUGHT MY EYE.

Does this look familiar to any of you guys? It's a wallflower scent thingy, and basically you plug it into an outlet, and it spreads scent throughout an entire room or hallway. Here is what it looks like on the wall:

The bulb hanging from it needs to be bought separately and the one above is the Warm Vanilla Sugar. The bulbs are usually $6.50 each, but 4 for $20, so why not :D

These are two that I am very excited to try! I love the smell of fresh apples, and gorgeous cherry blossoms :3 I actually tried Farmstand Apple already, and I would say the scent is very crisp and summer feeling! Looove :D

And these two are the ones that were on display, since we are transitioning into Fall, so I thought "Hey, might as well get some warmer yummier scents!". I've tried Warm Vanilla Sugar already and it's slightly sweeter than I expected, and also the smell is very natural and not as crisp. Very excited to try Pumpkin Cupcake :D

All of the above included, I paid around $30 only! I'm sooooo obsessed with making my room smell good, because I just moved to Washington to live with my dad, and you know men.... They don't make houses smell great hahahah. Anyway, I want to buy more of these bulbs to try out, and if you guys have any suggestions, please comment below and let me know! :D

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  1. I get so happy when it's fall time at Bath and Body Works. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin is probably my all-time favorite fall scent, so I always stock up on those candles and soaps. I haven't tried the wallflowers, but I do have the little car clips, and I LOVE them! :)

    1. Hehehhehe I love that shop too <3 I have to try that! Sounds so yummy *o*

  2. That looks really interesting :3 I think I would definitely try out that fragrance with cherry blossoms ~ I usually buy natural aromatic oil because it smells softer than normal air freshener..Did you try orange aromatic oil maybe?It's awesome! It lifts you mood up instantly :3
    Have a greay day!


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