Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lace Rosette and Leather Circles Day to Night Look~ Plus, First Full View of My Haircut :3

 Happy Mother's Day to all my women out there! Daughters, this is a really important day and I hope you had the chance to show your moms how much they really mean to you! And mothers, you guys are the foundations to our lives, and you raised us up to be who we are. Thank you so much for being patient with me, guiding me through life's obstacles, and always being beside me when I need a shoulder to lean on. Happy Mother's Day, Mommy 

Anyway, for today's post, I have an outfit featuring a miniskirt! And I find that in the summer, nights can still get a bit chilly, although not cold enough to wear a fur coat! So I have a day version of this look, and then a night version.

Lace Rosette Tank: Romeo and Juliet Couture (size M I believe, so it's a big loose on me, I had to tie it in the back)
Pleather Circle Panel Skirt: Forever 21 (size S, TEEEENY bit too short, should've gotten a M!)
Booties: Forever 21

Necklace: Tilly's
Snake Ring and Heart Diamond Ring and Diamond Bracelet: idk lol, my boyfriend gave it to me.
Lips Double Ring: H&M
Pink Polka Dot Bangle and Pearl Bracelet: Forever 21
Earrings: Nordstrom Rack

Okay, and here is my night version! Just added some nude tights and striped cardigan, and changed up my heels (: Love how shiny the tights make my legs look :3

Hehehe okay guys! That's it for today's post! Go have a great night celebrating Mother's Day!
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  1. hope you had a fun mothersday! LOVE THE TOP!

  2. Love your outfit chick! And your body is really to kill for *_* Total S line, so envious!!

    1. Hahahah, it's just the skirt makes me look like I have an ass haha, and thank you <3

  3. Your shoes are just so fabulous <3 I love your shirt as well :).

  4. At first you hair looks short, then the last picture it looks long again... yep that skirt is a bit short. I'm too old to wear that and get away with it. LOL! When your sitting doesn't ride up even more? :O

    1. It's really short in the front and at the back it's long! Hhaha, so I can have short hair one day and long hair the next lol :P No actually, when I sit it's more comfortable because you can pull it down more lol

  5. I love the ankle boots , so bold :3

  6. Feminine yet has attitude, love it! I wish I had your legs girl lol. The night look is right up my alley! Love love love


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