Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thank You So Much, My Acceptance, Followers, and Parting Gift

Happy Tuesday everyone! I was originally going to post this last night, but I wasn't able to finish, but I'll just post it today :P I just want to say that yesterday was BY FAR the best monday I've had in a LOOONG time. Do you want to know why?

FIRST: I reached 100 followers! Thank you guys soooooo much, soooooooooooo much! Honestly, you guys are a great support and I feel like I can come on and rant to you guys all I want and you guys wont judge me (: I'm sincerely very thankful that I'm lucky enough to have such an amazing group of followers! I have quite a few bloggers that I specifically want to thank, the new followers and the old followers who has stuck with me. First, Jenni, man... Jenni, oh Jenni, you have been so supportive of me, and you always comment with the nicest things. And of course that handwritten note  you sent me with the prize was just so heartwarming (: Thank you so much! And second, Kelly, who started blogging nearly around the same time as I did, and she has been extremely supportive as well. All in all, thank you all so much for being on my journey here with me (:

SECOND: One of my dream private schools, USD or University of San Diego, just called me yesterday to inform me that I have been accepted!!!! You have no idea how happy I am ('; tears of joy right there! I was so happy yesterday that I was like "screw homework" and instead of doing it, I went over to my boyfriend's house, which leads to the third reason why I'm happy.

THIRD: I have a 哥哥(Ge Ge) here, and in English, that means big brother, but it's more like a way to respect and show the close relationship between you and an older guy you're really close to. My Ge Ge has been such a big help lately, because he allowed my boyfriend to move into his house because he didn't like his old roommate, and of course my boyfriend was extremely grateful. So I went over there and webcammed with my boyfriend's mom for a bit and telling her that he's safe and comfortable now with Ge Ge :P And then Ge Ge took me upstairs into his room and he gave me this as a parting gift:

Whenever he travels, he would always bring me back a teddy bear, because it's kind of like our secret little thing now haha, but this time, it's special because it's made of beads! I was so happy because he left for China for a business trip today, and I wont be able to see him for 2 months. Now, I can just look at the bear and think of him (:

So that's it for this thank you post, and honestly, I'm so grateful for all the wonderful people in my life. I feel so blessed 
And lastly, thank you all for reading this post~

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Besties Night Out! Outfit and Food Pics :P

Hi everyone! I just got home, and I'm going to make this post for you guys hehehe :3
So today(technically yesterday cuz its past midnight now) was friday, and my friend, Maya, took me and another friend, Tiffany, out for dinner~ So, Maya came over first because Tiffany had work haha :P

Pretty Maya :D
And when Tiffany finally got off work, we went to pick her up and went to eat hehehe, and guess what we got? :D It's called Macaroon Party, yay so yummy! I absolutely LOVE macaroons, favorite type of snack ever, so I was very satisfied today (:
And after dinner, I suggested that we go wander around at Target so we can digest our food hahaha, and of course us being girls:
Camwhore heheheh :3
It was a fun night, and after I got home, I decided to show you guys my outfit because I promised to do Fashion Fridays!

 You guys are probably wondering what kind of weird pants I'm wearing hahaha, they're actually velvet leggings! And they feel soooo soft!
Velvet :D
 And some camwhore pictures here, mainly wanna showcase my ring heheheh, my boyfriend got me that for Valentines day, except... he got it in a size too big, and now it barely fits my middle finger haha.
Oh and, I wasn't wearing lashes today so... Small eyes >.<

Necklace and Shoes: You guys have seen these before haha, Forever 21.
Velvet Leggings: H&M from 2 years ago, but now a lot of stores sell them.
Okay, that's it for today! I'm going to catch up on some sleep now because I still have volunteer work to do tomorrow! Good night guys (:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Minty Goodness! Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet and NYC Starry Silver Glitter + Outfit Pic~

Happy Tuesday everyone! :D It's my first day back at school... and... let's just say I fell asleep a couple of times hahah.
Anyway, over the 4-day weekend, I finally decided to paint my nails after letting them rest after Valentines. So here it is!
1 coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Mint Sorbet, and one coat of NYC Starry Silver Glitter on accent nails.
 I love this shot :3 this green is as close to true color as I can capture it, although it can be quite a shapeshifter, going from very light to more yellow toned indoors. This is natural lighting.

And the next picture is artificial lighting before I stuck on the rhinestones, sorry about the messy cuticles haha, didn't clean up :P

With flash, I think this captures the glitter very well.
 The glitter I used is a mixture of small holo particles and slightly bigger iridescent glitter along with big bright blue hexagonal glitter and lavender glitter. The only complaint that I have though, is that the bigger colored hexagonal glitter is very sparse, so you have to fish it out of the bottle and manually place it on. The base color is Mint Sorbet, a very light mint green leaning pistachio, very opaque, love the formula of this. Below is one coat of it:

And here is a bottle shot with the names on the bottle. Mint Sorbet dries darker than bottle color, and Starry Silver Glitter is very sparse haha.

And here is the plate and design I used. I'm starting to feel that I'm the only one who still uses Konad haha, everyone else seemed to move onto brands like Cheeky and Red Angel and what not, but oh well :P

And one last photo, me being a camwhore as always :P I really love this green on my skintone heheh

Okay, that's the end of today's post! Talk to you guys soon~ And just a quick thank you to those who are recent followers, you make me so happy when I receive new comments and see my follower count go up (:

Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Friday Filled With Pigs, Lions, and Jingly Stuff

Hi my lovelies~~~ I have a sort of relaxed post to show you. Sorry about the lack of Fashion Friday yesterday, I was performing at an Asian Pacific Business Trade thing, so I guess I'll make it up to you guys with some pictures :3 
So, a little background info: I'm a dancer! Chinese dancer, to be specific, so like... handkerchiefs and fans and stuff hahaha. But this time, we were doing a Miao minority dance. The place was actually not as fancy as I expected and our "stage" was kind of small... but oh well :P

This is my adorable friend, Malina. Such an awesome dancer >.<

And this is Angela, the third person in our group :3 I love our costume, do you see those things hanging from our collar? Loud and super jingly when we dance hahaha but the headpiece hurts like a mofo.
 So after we got there and changed into our costume, we were told that we had 30 minutes to eat lunch. It was a super long buffet line, and look what was there!!!
Creepiest thing ever.....
So up first after lunch were the lion dancers, and I used my phone to take pictures so... all of them were really blurry hahaha, and the lions in the end were given cabbages and they chewed them up and threw them at the crowd! I don't get why they did that though... Poor people getting hit by pieces of cabbage while trying to enjoy their lunches.

And this is us, trying to camwhore at the door hahaha, clear view of costumes, yay :D

After we finished, I was suuuuper tired and hot so I took off the skirt and put on my shorts. We were given a coca cola grocery bag with stuff inside because apparently this event is sponsored by coca cola or something, and each given a $10 red pocket, since we ARE here to celebrate Chinese New Year haha.
Don't I look like a giant? xD I'm 5'9" and Malina and Angela are like 5'3". I'm the odd one out QQQQ
Oh and, if you're wondering what the neon pink thing is that's hanging out of my shorts, those are the pink spandex that we wear under our skirts so we don't flash everyone when we do kicks and stuff lol. I was just too lazy to take it off. And omg, such a hot day and I'm wearing my UGG's. What's my problem xD

Okay, that's it~ Hope you guys have a wonderful long weekend! I know I'll be enjoying my President's day staying at home and relaxing :P
Hehehe, okay until next time!
-Love you guys,

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hearts and Kisses, Valentines Day Nail Art :D

Hi everyone! :D I'm back with a nail polish post today, yay :3 I've been in quite a happy mood lately hehe, so I have a simple romantic mani to share today~
However, just take a note that the pink looks more true in the artificial lighting pics, natural lighting makes it too blue-ish.

This is natural lighting, do you guys prefer this or my artificial light? Color is inaccurate here...

Do you guys see how cloudy my rhinestone looks? Any ways to prevent this? ):

Love this finger the most hehe, kissies :-*

The pink I used is called Dance Baby by China Glaze and the white is Sally Hansen White On, which is very streaky... but typical for a pure white polish.
Here is everything at 1 coat, you can see how amazingly opaque Dance Baby is! :D

Okay, that concludes today's post! I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far :3 And, of course, thanks for reading (:
-Hugs and Kisses,

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year! Outfit (:

Happy Chinese New Year guys! :D So I went shopping not too long ago, and picked up this cremesicle colored striped fuzzy sweater haha. I love this sweater so much because its one of the FEW long sleeves I own that actually have LONG SLEEVES and still fit nicely. Most small sizes fit me fine, but then my forearms would be exposed, and most large sizes make me look 10x bigger than I really am.....

Anyway, my mom said that we should all wear new clothes for the first day of the new year, so here I am! It's still slightly cold here in Norcal so I am wearing some tights, not that you can tell xD

Sweater by Candie's
Skirt by Free People
Earrings Necklace and Shoes from Forever 21
Somehow, when I put them into a collage, they get blurry... Maybe I'll stop lol.

And, no collage. See how much clearer this is? xD

This sweater also has a cute keyhole cutout at the back! And a bow too! LOOOVE :3

 Lol, enough with the camwhoring, I love these new ankle boots I got from F21! They're slightly big, so I'm wearing chunky socks :P And the laces are my own, the ones that came with the shoes are standard black.

Hehe, that's it for the outfit! If any of you guys noticed my nails, they're my Valentine nails that I will soon post about :P
Anyway, hope you guys have a wonderful day/New Year! And thank you soooo much for supporting me and reading my blog for the past half year. I really mean it (:


Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Friday Intro! Which is your favorite? (:

Hi everyone! How are your fridays? Mine was... bad... because I had to stay afterschool to do some extra credit work haha.
Anyway, today I'm going to introduce to you guys a new side to my blog: the Fashion side.
Since I've never done anything like this before, I guess I should just show you guys some pictures of myself and my "style". These are all taken with my phone (I'm a camwhore lol), but next friday, I will have full body pictures of my outfits and etc.

Do you like my sunglasses? ;)  I'm wearing my favorite Ed Hardy hoodie and a green v-neck. On my nails I have a teal plus a white crackle.

I'm a sucker for collared shirts with necklace details underneath!  On my nails are these presents  I painted for Christmas.

I'm also a big fan of denim and lace! Light denim and lace are perfect together (: That spot on my right eye is a dirt spec on my mirror lol. Hot pink nails match hot pink ring! :D

This was a semi-casual ish event, I am wearing a full skirt, which unfortunately isn't photographed haha. French manicured nails.

This is my lazy day outfit haha, I have on my Hershey's sweater that I got from Pennsylvania, and I'm wearing my Ray Bans (which I recently lost!!! GRRR)

And this is my formal gown that I wore to an Amway Part back in June. The little girls are the daughters of my mom's friends.
So this concludes my introduction to Fashion Friday! Feel free to let me know which one of these is closer to "your style" haha, and please help me think of a better name for Fashion Friday! That sounds kind of generic and lame lol :P

Alright babycakes, talk to you guys next time! Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Chinese New Year to my fellow Chinese bloggers out there! (:

Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Blog: Adding a Fashion Aspect. Your Ideas?

Hi everyone! I've been thinking about my blog a lot lately because I've gained quite a few followers over the past 5-6 months that I've had this blog. First of all, thank you guys so much! Secondly, I've been thinking about not only restricting this blog to my nails. I want to expand to fashion, maybe even makeup because those are things I love, just as much as nail polish, and I would love to share it with you guys also.

I was thinking maybe I can do a fashion post every Friday? Fashion Friday? I just want your opinion if this would be a good idea/bad idea and if you guys have any suggestions etc.

Thank you guys for your support! Really, you guys are the best :3

Hugs and Kisses,

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pastel Saran Wrap Nails

Hi my little beauties! How are you guys doing? I'm in quite a dapper mood right now because I just submitted my resume, so I'm hoping I get the job! Until I get it, it's a secret for now :P 
But anyway, I have some saran wrap nails to show you guys today. I've been wanting to try this for so long, but honestly was too lazy to clean up haha. But the results I got this time were sooo pretty that I'm sure I'll be doing this more often!

See the shimmer in my ring finger? That's from my base color, Cinderella by Sinful Colors.

My favorite finger has to be my thumb, but right after I topcoated, I smudged it D: Can you see the weird mark on the tip haha?
Taken from my phone.
 So now that you see the beautiful results, let's reveal the process.
After I applied my 2 coats of Cinderella by Sinful Colors as a base, I went on to add blobs of a nameless lavender lilac, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Mint Sorbet, and China Glaze Dance Baby

After dabbing all my nails with saran wrap, here is what my wrap looks like:

And here are what my nails look like (eek!): 

So that is the end of this post! Hope you guys had fun reading this, until next time my darlings :3