Thursday, August 8, 2013

What Happened in Vegas

Lol nope I didn't get drunk or go to any parties or hit on random strangers xD I went for the birthday of Holly Chen, the world's #1 Amway business woman. My mom is in the Amway business, so of course, I had to go with her! It was quite fun actually, saw and heard a lot of educational things. The thing I like about Amway is that it doesn't just teach you how to sell things, it teaches you how to be a person. But that's about the only thing I like about Amway hahhaha. Anyway, picture time!

This is Olivia, she is soooo pretty *o*
 And somehow after Olivia and I finished camwhoring, a whole bunch of people came up and asked to take pictures with us LOL. Made me feel like a celebrity ;D

And the next picture is of me and one of the more successful people also. Don't quite know too much about this business, but if my mom says shes successful, then I believe her! So I asked for a pic hahah

Here's my beloved mommy :3
Isn't she pretty~~~

Oh and, here's another quick little story. So my moms friend came and her little daughter is 3. Coincidentally, she was wearing a beige color dress as well. And of course, you know me, I loooove kids, so I had to take her out to play! But when we were on our way out of the Augustus Hall, this woman came to me and said "awwww how cute, mother and daughter matching!" ...... -__________- Well, I just smiled at her, but on the inside I was like "wtf do I look that old xDDD"

The only dish I actually enjoyed at the banquet... Quite pretty to look at too.

Here's one last shot with Olivia before we all went home!

Of course, a nice pic of Vegas scenery for you hahaha

Taken right outside my hotel, Caesar's Palace. Why not? ;)
Hehehhehe I stayed for 3 days, and usually the day time consisted of listening to successful people talk about their experiences and stuff, and night time consisted of skyping with my friends until 5 am LOL. So, I actually didn't go out and do too much fun stuff..... All the tickets to the shows were sold out too! Q____Q Oh well, hopefully when I turn 21, I can come and REALLY have fun hehehehhe~

That's it for today's post everyone! Looove you guys sooo much~


  1. Wow, you looked wonderful in this dress! <3

  2. That dress of yours is amazing. <3
    The pic with you and that little girl with the matching dress is really cute! :)

  3. Wow, you all look so great. Amazing dresses. :)

    Ina :*


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