Saturday, April 13, 2013

Trip to Seattle Part 2: UDUB~~~

Continued from part 1! Sorry it took me a week to post part 2 hahaha, school was being a b!tch after I missed two days... So much homework! AP Chem test, AP Chem hw, Senior Project Presentation, AP Lit In-Class essay ALL DUE LAST FRIDAY. WTF. Anyway, I'll stop complaining about school and start writing this (: So last monday was the college preview day for UDUB, or University of Washington. It started at 1 so my dad took me to Costco to pick up some groceries, and I have a not properly focused outfit pic for you guys hahaha :P

Black Heeled Booties: Forever 21
Exotic Printed Pants: Target (got it on sale for like... $8?!?)
Sequined Sweater: Forever 21
Chiffon Tank with Pearlized Peter Pan Collar: TJ Maxx
Jacket is from my dance school (:

So after spending an hour developing pictures and shopping at Costco, Dad finally took me to UDUB. When we first walk in, we were welcomed by a breathtaking sight:
Isnt it gorgeous??? Stunning pink petals contrasting against the fresh green grass and bright blue sky, wow, this is heaven *o*

Look at how beautiful those cherry blossoms are! Such a sweet shade of pink, color is more accurate in the first picture. April is the perfect time because all the blossoms have blossomed and not yet started to die out yet! Super pretty :3 Then I went into the HUB, which is basically like a courtyard. Nothing much to see, just a building.

UDUB's mascot is a husky, my favorite kind of dog! So of course, I had to take a picture with this adorable statue figurine thing :P

So after getting into the building, I was taken on a housing tour, which we explored all the available dorms and such. Sadly though, they're really small.....

 Basically, the left side of the picture is like the edge of the room lol. There's also a very small closet and bathroom. That's the only nice thing, I like private bathrooms. Would hate to have to share a communal ): After many tours of residence halls, I was slightly disappointed haha. Love the campus, but don't like what's inside.

So because the tour day was so unorganized and boring( basically you walk around campus yourself...) , I told my dad that I wanted to go home after the residence hall tours, and he was okay with it. We walked back, and just as we were about to get on our car, look what we found! :D

 Adorable little squirrel eating trash xD hahaha so cute :3
So this concludes my short little update on UDUB. I'm probably not going to go, because I've fallen in love with USD, University of San Diego. More on that in future posts!
Thank you guys for reading~


  1. Love the Peter Pan collar! So cute and your pictures are beautiful

    1. Hehehe, thanks! That's my favorite shirt to pair underneath sweaters just cuz the collar is so pretty <3

  2. Followed you. :3 I totally LOVE those pants!

    1. Thank you! Hehehe, I love them too <3

  3. Lovely pictures! <3
    I really like your booties in picture 1


  4. Pretty pictures! The campus looks so beautiful. Good luck with everything!

  5. What a beautiful campus!!! I want to go!

    1. Hahahha, wait till you see USD though! Way prettier, but way lower ranking too.... My dilemma haha

  6. Wow, the campus looks so beautiful with the cherry trees in bloom. ♥ *-*
    I honestly couldn't sleep in a dorm or bed as small as those. xD
    Hey, and Huskies are also my favourite kind of dog. They're so adorable. <3

    1. I knoww right <333 Hahahha yea I was just calculating how much stuff I'm limited to bring to that tiny room Q___Q And heheheh, huskies are mine too! Fluffy <333


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