Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Friday Filled With Pigs, Lions, and Jingly Stuff

Hi my lovelies~~~ I have a sort of relaxed post to show you. Sorry about the lack of Fashion Friday yesterday, I was performing at an Asian Pacific Business Trade thing, so I guess I'll make it up to you guys with some pictures :3 
So, a little background info: I'm a dancer! Chinese dancer, to be specific, so like... handkerchiefs and fans and stuff hahaha. But this time, we were doing a Miao minority dance. The place was actually not as fancy as I expected and our "stage" was kind of small... but oh well :P

This is my adorable friend, Malina. Such an awesome dancer >.<

And this is Angela, the third person in our group :3 I love our costume, do you see those things hanging from our collar? Loud and super jingly when we dance hahaha but the headpiece hurts like a mofo.
 So after we got there and changed into our costume, we were told that we had 30 minutes to eat lunch. It was a super long buffet line, and look what was there!!!
Creepiest thing ever.....
So up first after lunch were the lion dancers, and I used my phone to take pictures so... all of them were really blurry hahaha, and the lions in the end were given cabbages and they chewed them up and threw them at the crowd! I don't get why they did that though... Poor people getting hit by pieces of cabbage while trying to enjoy their lunches.

And this is us, trying to camwhore at the door hahaha, clear view of costumes, yay :D

After we finished, I was suuuuper tired and hot so I took off the skirt and put on my shorts. We were given a coca cola grocery bag with stuff inside because apparently this event is sponsored by coca cola or something, and each given a $10 red pocket, since we ARE here to celebrate Chinese New Year haha.
Don't I look like a giant? xD I'm 5'9" and Malina and Angela are like 5'3". I'm the odd one out QQQQ
Oh and, if you're wondering what the neon pink thing is that's hanging out of my shorts, those are the pink spandex that we wear under our skirts so we don't flash everyone when we do kicks and stuff lol. I was just too lazy to take it off. And omg, such a hot day and I'm wearing my UGG's. What's my problem xD

Okay, that's it~ Hope you guys have a wonderful long weekend! I know I'll be enjoying my President's day staying at home and relaxing :P
Hehehe, okay until next time!
-Love you guys,


  1. So sweet!! :) Your pictures are amazing!

  2. Looks super warm where you are. Nice pictures. Your really pretty.

    1. Yes, it was a great day on Friday (: Thank you so much <3

  3. I didn't even notice the uggs until you pointed them out! Lol you're so cute!!

    Looks like you guys had loads of fun!! :)

  4. Oh sweetie really lovely pictures.



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