Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Friday Intro! Which is your favorite? (:

Hi everyone! How are your fridays? Mine was... bad... because I had to stay afterschool to do some extra credit work haha.
Anyway, today I'm going to introduce to you guys a new side to my blog: the Fashion side.
Since I've never done anything like this before, I guess I should just show you guys some pictures of myself and my "style". These are all taken with my phone (I'm a camwhore lol), but next friday, I will have full body pictures of my outfits and etc.

Do you like my sunglasses? ;)  I'm wearing my favorite Ed Hardy hoodie and a green v-neck. On my nails I have a teal plus a white crackle.

I'm a sucker for collared shirts with necklace details underneath!  On my nails are these presents  I painted for Christmas.

I'm also a big fan of denim and lace! Light denim and lace are perfect together (: That spot on my right eye is a dirt spec on my mirror lol. Hot pink nails match hot pink ring! :D

This was a semi-casual ish event, I am wearing a full skirt, which unfortunately isn't photographed haha. French manicured nails.

This is my lazy day outfit haha, I have on my Hershey's sweater that I got from Pennsylvania, and I'm wearing my Ray Bans (which I recently lost!!! GRRR)

And this is my formal gown that I wore to an Amway Part back in June. The little girls are the daughters of my mom's friends.
So this concludes my introduction to Fashion Friday! Feel free to let me know which one of these is closer to "your style" haha, and please help me think of a better name for Fashion Friday! That sounds kind of generic and lame lol :P

Alright babycakes, talk to you guys next time! Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Chinese New Year to my fellow Chinese bloggers out there! (:


  1. The collared shirt is most like my style. I love the sunglasses and the ray ban you lost :(... Oh and love your eyebrows. I don't know how to wax or thread mine, so I have to have someone else do them. I've made a mess of my eyebrows before. Awesome first fashion post!

    1. Hahaha, I'm loving collars lately too! (: I actually don't do much to my eyebrows, I just draw them in and pluck out the ugly ones xD haha, thanks so much for always being so supportive of me, Jenni <3

  2. Thank you:-)
    I can understand you rather want snow than sunshine now, but on my part I rather want summer and sun than snow. Haha, so we could change :-D

  3. Love the denim lace combo! Looking forward to these posts. :)


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